Happy New Year Pack - Released in December 2017

Happy New Year Pack - Released in December 2017

Our Happy New Year Pack let you have a nice start with cute and useful Japanese stationery!

Beside of New year related items such as a 2018 Japanese calendar, this pack was full of San-X characters and gave an inside into Japanese New Year traditions and customs. Here are the 12 and 1 bonus items that were included:

1. Sticky Notes

Unique sticky notes featuring designs from popular Chinese company Miss Time. Designs capture a summer feeling in the middle of winter.

2. Gradient pen (Black ink pen)

Black ink non-permanent pen with adorable body. This 0.38mm pen might be useful for your bullet journals or notebooks! Looks great on social media too!

3. 2018 Japanese Calendar

A desk calendar for new year! Japanese holidays and roku-you (Japanese calendar's six lucky days) are on it.

4. Shinzi Katoh Washi Tape - 3 pattern set

7mm washi tapes designed by Shinzi Katoh, a zakka designer and artist. This washi tape reproduces the design of Shinzi Katoh by high quality printing! Great for card-making, gift wrapping and scrapbooking.

5. UNI - StyleFit Gel Pen

StyleFit is well known series because of its color variation. There are 16 colors, so it is useful when you want to make something colorful. Of course it is so smooth to write:)

6. ZEBRA - Airfit Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencil from ZEBRA. Body of this is much thinner than other mechanical pencil, so that it is easier to hold. And it uses a grip which has air in it, so you can hold it very comfortably.  

7. Shuugibukuro 

Shuugibukuro is kind of envelope which we use when we hand a gift of money on a celebratory occasion. Shuugibukuro included in the pack was so gorgeous and beautiful!

8. Omamori Sticky notes

Omamori is a charm we use when we make a wish. Write any wish on this Omamori sticky notes, or give it to your friends with messages.

9. Sumikko Gurashi mini memo

One of the most famous character from San-x. ”Sumikko” means “corner”, and “Gurashi (same word as Kurashi)” means “to live”. These characters are named like this because they like to live or stay at the corner (like some Japanese people?).

10. Corocoro Coronya mini memo set + mini erasers

Coronya is a cat who lives at a bakery. Because he is very shy, he tends to hide in the chocolate cornet when he talks to new friends. This memo includes 6 patterns of it, and also has 6 tiny cute erasers.

11. Daruma shaped eraser

“Daruma” is a traditional Japanese tumbler doll representing Bodhidharma, who founded the Zen sect of Buddhism. We make a wish before we display it and draw on the left eye, and if the wish comes true, we draw a right eye on it.

12. Kawaii and Fuzzy sticker

This cute sticker was created by a company which is a specialist for making Kawaii stationery. This fuzzy stickers are made from felt so that you can enjoy the touch which is different with other stickers.

13. Brush Highlighter (Bonus item for subscribers)

Brush highlighter made by Kuretake, one of the most famous brush pen maker in Japan. You can control the linewidth freely with this brush highlighter!! From big letters to small letters, and from marking to coloring, use as you want;)



We hope that this new year brings you joy and that all your wishes may come true!


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