Tako Pa! - How to Enjoy Takoyaki Party

Tako Pa! - How to Enjoy Takoyaki Party

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A pan with hemisphere molds is the type of cookware used to make takoyaki.

For Osakan people, owning a takoyaki pan is a must.

Osakans develop an outstanding skill in cooking takoyaki before becoming adults, as they go through a number of Tako Pa (Takoyaki party) since when they are little.

A takoyaki pan

Tako Pa is a common type of food party held at home, especially in Kansai area, where Osaka is located. Friends, family, or colleagues gather at someone’s house to cook and eat takoyaki.

The three good things about Tako Pa are:

  1. It’s easy and quick to prepare
  2. Everyone can take part in the cooking
  3. It’s fun!

Takoyaki is a ball-shaped snack made of wheat flour-based batter and contains a dice of たこ (tako, octopus). The ball shape is made by turning the batter into the hemisphere molds using a fine skewer, which requires a bit of skill.

Find out how to make takoyaki in our Cooking with Luna series.

Takoyaki is the most iconic food of Osaka. It was born in Osaka, is loved by Osakan people, and there is an uncountable number of street stalls that are specialized in selling it.

Takoyaki is also a very popular festival food

When friends get together to throw a Tako Pa, it’s very likely that they want to make it much more fun and exciting by putting some unusual ingredients instead of octopus.

Since you can’t see what’s inside and it’s possible to eat it in one mouthful, takoyaki is a perfect food to play Russian Roulette with!

What ingredients to put inside? It's entirely up to you!

So here are our top picks of not-too-disgusting-but-fun things to put in takoyaki, plus some ingredients we really wouldn't recommend.

Must-try Oishii (tasty) Combinations

  • Cheese
  • Mochi - be careful not to choke on it
  • Kimchi - very tangy but tasty
  • Baby Star Ramen - the dry ramen snack gives a crunchy texture to the food

Baby Star Ramen!

Weird, but Oishii, Combinations

Trust us, these will be better than you expect!

  • Tsukemono (pickled things) - especially takuan (pickled daikon radish)
  • Mentaiko (cod roe) - looks weird, but tastes piquant and tasty
  • Konjac - this grayish rubbery food gives it an interesting texture
  • Tomato - add cheese too and make a pizza takoyaki

Konjac is a plant that is used to make high-fiber dietary supplements, jellies, and flour

Some People Will Like These Combinations

But some people won't!

  • Cabbage - Osakan people actually don’t like takoyaki with cabbage for some reason
  • Chocolate - you know how chocolate is sometimes drizzled over salty chips? It’s that kind of like that...
  • Natto - most of you might think natto is gross, but if you like it, give it a try
  • Banana - it becomes softer when heated. Maybe you should dip it into chocolate!

Natto...do you like it?

Combinations to Try at Your Own Risk!

The worst of worst foods to put in your takoyaki. Please don’t try!

  • Wasabi - a takoyaki filled with wasabi is real torture
  • Mint Candy - no one expects the refreshing mint flavor when they bite into a takoyaki
  • Red Pepper - a common choice for food Russian Roulette
  • Gummy Candy - sweet, sticky, melting gummy candy should never, ever be in a takoyaki!

Imagine gummy bears melting in a takoyaki...No thank you!

You might have realised that if you don’t use tako (octopus), the dish is, in fact, no longer takoyaki!

However, this doesn't stop Japanese people still calling it a 'Takoyaki Party'!

What will you add to your takoyaki at your Tako Pa this holiday season.

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