Stick Pack - Released in November 2017

Stick Pack - Released in November 2017

Dec 13, 2017 Tags 

This Mix Pack contained 4 stick-shaped snacks. Do you know why? Because it's Pocky & Pretz Day! 11/11 is the day for us to go hunt the stick-shaped (or 1 shaped?) snacks and throw a party. 

Did you enjoy your Stick Pack? See what was included in it!


  1. Goma Negi Tonkotsu
    The milky tonkotsu (豚骨, pork bone) soup has the umami of grilled vegetables and contains flavored noodles, pieces of green onion and sesame seeds, which add pleasant flavors to the soup. Typical tonkotsu ramen is heavy, but this one is lighter and can be a good option for a late night snack.
  2. Classic Shoyu Ramen
    Simple, classic shoyu ramen will never make you bored. Flavorful vegetables, roasted garlic, and black pepper boost the savory taste of the shoyu based chicken soup. The toppings include chopped roasted pork, shrimps, scrambled eggs, and green onions.


  1. Shrimp Pretz
    Just with one bite, the flavor of shrimp fills your mouth. Pretz will never disappoint us. It’s crunchy, tasty and moreish! Dashi stock adds the taste of Japan to the pretzels.
  2. Premium Umai Bar - Japanese steak with wasabi sauce
    Umai Bar is a typical kind of dagashi and has captured the hearts of lots of kids and adults with the unique but tasty tastes. This one is a “premium” version of it. The wasabi first stings your nose and then savory umami of beef steak delights your palate. You will know why it’s “premium” when you have a bite.
  3. Pocky Double Fromage
    Cocoa biscuits coated with two layers of creamy fromage chocolates: whipped soft chocolate and smooth melt-in-mouth chocolate. More than three times as much chocolate sauce is used than the normal Pocky in the red package.
  4. Okayama Peach Hi-Chew
    The queen of peach in Japan meets a popular candy brand, Hi-Chew! The Shimizu Hakutou from Okayama has extraordinary juicy, refined, melt-in-mouth sweetness. Chew the bite-sized happiness wherever you are.
  5. Puchi - Spicy Fried Chicken
    Crispy rice crackers flavored like spicy fried chicken of yatai (屋台, festival stalls). Share it with friends or family and enjoy a festive winter vibe.
  6. Jagarico - Nori Dashi
    Flavorful nori (seaweed) and bonito dashi stock are used to give it the taste of Japan. “Jaga” comes from “jagaimo” which means potato in English. “Rico” was added to the product name to make it sound fun and familiar.
  7. Muscat Ripping Gummy
    Wacky chewy muscat flavored gummy that you can play a bit with. Rip the gummy sheet into two pieces and give the half to someone. Or tear it carefully all the way through without ripping it apart to make a long gummy string. If you manage to do that, please do share the picture with us!
  8. Dagashi gudetama
    The world’s most popular egg yolk, gudetama, found his way into this month’s pack in the form of chocolate. A little fortune teller is included on the other side of the lid.
  9. Choco Banana
    A half-peeled-banana-shaped chocolate with a little fortune teller. It’s tiny but delicious and fun!