Popular Pack - Released in August 2017

Popular Pack - Released in August 2017

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When you try foods from abroad, you don't wanna spend money in vain by buying something weird, right? For this Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack, we selected popular and delicious ones which will make you smile for sure.


  1. Sapporo Ichiban - Miso Ramen
    Miso Ramen from Sapporo Ichiban, one of the most famous and popular ramen brands in Japan for 50 years. When you have this bowl of ramen, you will know the reason why it is named “Ichiban” which means the number one in English.
  2. Ippei-chan - Shoyu Ramen
    Ramen noodles in the shoyu (soy sauce) based pork soup spiced up with roasted garlic. According to a poll, shoyu is the most popular taste of ramen. What flavor do you like the most?


  1. Choco Bar Z
    Chocolate soaked crisp corn bar. With a little amount of salt included, the flavor of chocolate feels more profound.
  2. Jagariko - Potato with Butter
    Not a single supermarket and convenience store doesn’t have this popular J-snack, Jagariko. Jaga comes from Jagaimo (じゃがいも), which means potato in English. The perfect harmony of potato and butter will fill your mouth and leads you to have more bites.

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  3. Happy Turn
    Snacks always make you happy, but this is one of the happiest snacks found in Japan! Happy Turn is rice cracker coated with sweet and savory “Happy Powder”. Share the happy snack moment with your happy friends.
  4. Grape Gummy
    100 % grape juice gummy. Grape is the most popular flavor of gummy in Japan, but this one is extraordinary with the natural and rich flavor. Not only the flavor but also the shape is like the real fruit.
  5. PRETZ Roast
    PRETZ has various flavors from savory to sweet; this one is rather on the sweet side. The buttery pretzel sticks are coated with coarse sugar. Includes two packets so that you can enjoy the moreish snack enough.
  6. Bisco
    From children to adults, Bisco has been loved by Japanese people for 80 years, and that’s probably because it is good for your health. It includes 10 million lactic acid bacteria per five bites. Enjoy the morsels while keeping your stomach healthy.
  7. Kappa Ebisen
    “Can’t stop, won’t stop.” Kappa Ebisen, shrimp flavored crispy snacks are definitely moreish, and you can’t and won’t stop bringing the sticks into your mouth.
  8. Sapporo Potato BBQ Sauce
    Light and crisp potato snacks, flavored with chicken and beef. The taste and the net-like shape reminds you of...BBQ!