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What is Japanese Ghana Chocolate?
Feb 22, 2023 Tags 
Is Japanese Ghana Chocolate really from Ghana and as good as its reputation? Let's find out.
What is Japanese Milk Pudding? (And how to make it)
Feb 17, 2023 Tags 
What is Purin, Japan's version of Milk Pudding, why is it so good, and how can you make it at home? It's all in here.
What is Shikuwasa? (and why you should try it)
Feb 15, 2023 Tags 
This unique fruit is native to Japan and one of the most delicious citrus fruits you'll ever taste!
The History of Ramune
Feb 14, 2023 Tags 
Learn about the history of Ramune, the Japanese soda with a unique flavor and distinct Codd-neck bottle.
What are the weirdest Japanese candies?
Looking for something weird to eat from Japan? Just try those candies.
How to Open Ramune Bottles Safely and Effortlessly
Feb 09, 2023 Tags 
Learn how to safely & easily open a ramune bottle in 4 quick steps.
What are the best Japanese Chocolate Brands?
Feb 08, 2023 Tags 
Looking for Japanese chocolate? We've made a list of the best brands for you!
Celebrating Valentine's Day in Japan: A Guide to Japanese Traditions
Feb 02, 2023 Tags 
Want to celebrate Valentine's day like in Japan? Pay attention to those unique traditions.
Valentine Snack Ideas from Japan
Jan 31, 2023 Tags 
Looking for Valentine's Gifts? here are the 8 best snack ideas from Japan!
What is Kirimochi? (Complete Guide to this Japanese Treat)
Jan 30, 2023 Tags 
You've heard about mochi, but what about Kirimochi? Learn why it's so important in Japan here!
Japanese vs Korean Snacks: which are the best?
Jan 04, 2023 Tags 
Should you try Pocky or Pepero, Taiyaki or Bungeoppang? We've compared them all here.