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The History of Dango: Japan's beloved rice dumpling!
Mar 24, 2023 Tags 
Dango are delicious, but where are they from? Who invented those rice dumplings? Read to find out.
Japanese House-warming Gift Ideas
Mar 22, 2023 Tags 
Looking for fresh ideas for a Japanese House-warming party? Take a look.
Japanese Fried Rice: Yakimeshi vs. Hibachi
Mar 21, 2023 Tags 
Confused about Yakimeshi and Hibachi? We explain the differences!
What are Matcha Dango? (and how to make them)
Mar 20, 2023 Tags 
A short introduction to one of Japan's best Dango recipes: Matcha Dango.
Gift Giving in Japan vs Gift Giving in Western Culture
Mar 16, 2023 Tags 
How is Gift giving different in Japan from the West? We explain the do's and don'ts here.
The Types of Daifuku (and how to make them)
Mar 14, 2023 Tags 
There are many types of Daifuku available. We listed them for you, and tell you why you should try them!
What is Wasanbon?
Mar 09, 2023 Tags 
Wasanbon, never heard? We'll tell you all about this delicious sugar candy from Japan!
The Ultimate Guide to Japanese Crêpes: A French Classic with a Twist
Mar 08, 2023 Tags 
How are Japanese crêpes different from French ones? We explain, and tell you how you can make them at home!
What is the Difference Between Mochi and Manju?
Feb 28, 2023 Tags 
Confused about Mochi and Manju? Learn more about how the dough differentiates those 2 Japanese pastries!
What are the best drinks in Japan? (2023 edition)
Feb 27, 2023 Tags 
There are so many to choose from, so we put together a list of the best 18 drinks from Japan!
How is Kokuto Used in Japanese Cuisine?
Feb 24, 2023 Tags 
Got some delicious Kokuto sugar from Okinawa? This is how you can use it!