ZenPop Japan: Shipping Updates

ZenPop Japan: Shipping Updates

Feb 15, 2021 Tags 

We’re continuing to adjust and adapt to the changing circumstances around COVID-19 to ensure you get your ZenPop Pack as soon as possible! 

Please refer to this blog post and our FAQs for our latest updates and shipping information.

Our small team is working diligently to answer any questions or concerns you may have so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. 

Thank you for your support and understanding during this time. 

At a Glance

  • FEB 2021 UPDATE - New shipping fee structure will be applied to new orders.
  • Shipping fees are now calculated based on pack type and shipping method.
  • Some shipping methods are still free. Some shipping methods including those with no tracking options will require a fee.
  • See Where We're Shipping for a list of countries we are able to ship to at this time, and by what shipping method.

New Shipping Fee Structure

Due to the rising costs of currently available shipping methods, some packs shipped via certain shipping methods will require an additional shipping fee. Please note that these fees will apply to new orders, and subscription renewals placed after February 16th, 2021. All subscribers who are currently receiving boxes as part of a prepaid subscription will not be charged any additional fees.

Please see the below table for shipping fees. Only some methods are available for certain countries. You will be able to see the shipping method and shipping fee for your order before you checkout and pay. All prepaid subscriptions will include the shipping fee for all packs on the plan, at the time the order is placed and charged. *USA and countries in South America, Africa, and parts of the Middle East will have higher fees.

Shipping Method Ramen Sweets Mix Stationery Limited Edition
Airmail (No Tracking) $5 USD $3 USD $3 USD FREE! FREE!
Registered Airmail (Tracking) $8 USD $6 USD $6 USD $4 USD $4 USD
ECMS (Tracking) N/A N/A N/A $7 USD N/A
Surface Mail (No Tracking) FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE

Where We're Shipping

In April 2020, Japan Post suspended their economy service (SAL) to most countries and territories. Since then, we’ve been working hard to secure alternative shipping methods.

We're currently shipping via the following shipping methods: Airmail, ECMS and Surface Mail.

At this time, we are able to ship to the following countries:

  1. Algeria (Airmail)
  2. Argentina (Airmail)
  3. Armenia (Airmail)
  4. Australia (Airmail - No Tracking)
  5. Austria (Airmail)
  6. Azerbaijan (Airmail)
  7. Belarus (Airmail)
  8. Belgium (Airmail)
  9. Canada (Airmail - No Tracking)
  10. Columbia (Airmail)
  11. Chile (Airmail)
  12. China (Airmail)
  13. Croatia (Airmail)
  14. Czech Republic (Airmail)
  15. Denmark (Airmail)
  16. Estonia (Airmail)
  17. Finland (Airmail)
  18. France (Airmail)
  19. Germany (Airmail)
  20. Gibraltar (Airmail)
  21. Greece (Surface Mail)
  22. Hong Kong (Airmail)
  23. Hungary (Airmail)
  24. Iceland (Airmail)
  25. Indonesia (Airmail)
  26. Ireland (Airmail)
  27. Italy (Airmail)
  28. Kazakhstan (Airmail)
  29. Kenya (Airmail)
  30. Kosovo (Airmail)
  31. Latvia (Airmail)
  32. Lichtenstein (Airmail)
  33. Lithuania (Airmail)
  34. Luxembourg (Airmail)
  35. Macau (Airmail)
  36. Malaysia (Airmail)
  37. Malta (Airmail)
  38. Mexico (Airmail)
  39. Monaco (Airmail)
  40. Montenegro (Airmail)
  41. Netherlands (Airmail)
  42. New Zealand (Airmail)
  43. Norway (Airmail)
  44. Pakistan (Airmail)
  45. Philippines (Airmail)
  46. Poland (Airmail)
  47. Portugal (Airmail)
  48. Russia (Surface Mail)
  49. San Marino (Airmail)
  50. Serbia (Airmail)
  51. Singapore (Airmail)
  52. Slovakia (Airmail)
  53. Slovenia (Airmail)
  54. South Africa (Airmail)
  55. South Korea (Airmail)
  56. Spain (Airmail)
  57. Sri Lanka (Airmail)
  58. Sweden (Airmail)
  59. Switzerland (Airmail)
  60. Taiwan (Airmail)
  61. Tajikistan (Airmail)
  62. Thailand (Airmail)
  63. Turkey (Airmail)
  64. Ukraine (Airmail)
  65. United Kingdom (Airmail)
  66. USA (Airmail - No Tracking & ECMS)
  67. Vietnam (Airmail)

Shipping to Australia

From January, tracking will no longer be available for Stationery Pack shipments to Australia.

Until now, DHL has been available as a tracked shipping option. All Stationery Packs will now be shipped via Japan Post's unregistered Airmail.

Any active and recurring subscribers who paid for tracking will be refunded.

We will notify all Australian customers once tracking is reinstated. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Shipping to Canada

From December, Japan Post no longer offers tracking to Canada. All Canadian orders will be shipped via unregistered Airmail.

Any active subscribers who paid for tracking will be refunded.

We will notify all Canadian customers once tracking is reinstated. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Shipping to the USA

We're delighted to announce that as of the 1st of November, Japan Post resumed its Airmail shipping method to the United States.

Unfortunately from April 1st, Japan Post will be increasing shipping costs to the USA so shipping fees on new orders will increase from $3 to $5 dollars for packs headed to USA.

All ZenPop Packs (Ramen, Sweets, Ramen + Sweets Mix and Stationery) will now be shipped via unregistered Airmail.

Estimated delivery time via Airmail is 2-4 weeks. Tracking is not available with this shipping method.

Stationery Packs can be upgraded to a shipping service with tracking (ECMS) for an additional $7 USD.

Shipping with DHL

As of the 18th December, we are no longer shipping via DHL.

For previous subscribers whose packs were sent via DHL, please note that delivery time is estimated as 3-6 weeks under normal circumstances. Custom fees may be charged when delivering via DHL. As per our terms of use, the purchaser is responsible for any fees, taxes, or other losses that may arise from importing goods into their country. Find out more on our FAQs.

Shipping with Surface Mail

All ZenPop Packs (food and Stationery) will be shipped via Surface Mail to the following countries: Greece, Ireland, Israel, and Russia.

Delivery time estimate is 8-12 weeks. Please note that tracking is not available.

Shipping with Airmail

ZenPop Packs will be shipped via Airmail to the following countries:

Australia^, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada^, China, CroatiaCzech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany  Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States of America^.

Delivery time is estimated to be 2-4 weeks. However, due to the reduction of commercial flights, delays are to be expected.

*Some destinations will be required to add tracking and insurance (+ additional fee) to your order.

^Tracking is not available for orders shipped to Australia, Canada or the USA via Airmail. Shipping fees may still apply.

You’re Not Shipping to My Country

We’re very sorry that we’re unable to ship to your country at this time. Until recently, ZenPop shipped to 94 countries and we hope to resume normal shipping as soon as possible.

New subscriber

  • New orders can be made but shipments won’t happen until shipping resumes to your country.
  • You will get whatever pack is current at the time of shipment. *You won’t reserve the pack at the time of order. If you wish to purchase a specific pack, please do so on our parent site, ZenMarket.

Active/Recurring subscriber

  • If you have packs left in your plan, your subscription is on hold, and we will start shipping the then current packs to you when we resume.
  • If your plan is set to auto-renew (10th of the month), you’ll be charged, but you won’t get shipped a pack until shipping resumes.
  • Please turn-off your auto-renewal if you don’t want to be charged and have your subscription put on hold.
  • We can cancel your order and refund any unshipped packs. Please contact us.

Alternative Ordering Option

We sincerely apologize to our international friends to whom we are unable to ship to at this time. We hope to resume normal shipping as soon as possible.

In the meantime, most of our current ZenPop Packs are available on our parent site, ZenMarket. As shipping is offered separately on ZenPlus, there may be an acceptable shipping option for you.

Find out more about ordering your ZenPop Pack on ZenMarket.


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