Pocky and Pretz Day: Let's Celebrate these Iconic Snacks!

Pocky and Pretz Day: Let's Celebrate these Iconic Snacks!

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Get ready to celebrate two of Japan’s most iconic snacks: November 11th is Pocky & Pretz Day!

The 11/11 is the perfect day to honor these sweet and savory snacks, as their stick-shape looks a lot like the number ‘1’!

The day first started in 1999, the eleventh year of the Japanese Heisei era (11/11/11).

We're celebrating the day by including Pocky and Pretz in December's Chocolate Cafe Sweets Pack!


Pocky and Pretz Day is celebrated on 11/11 in JapanPhoto credit: Glico


While the day was created by major confectionery company, Ezaki Glico, it’s been certified by the Japan Anniversary Association.

Pretz and Pocky were first released over 50 years ago, in 1963 and 1966 respectively, and are arguably two of Japan’s most loved and well-known snacks.


Regular Pocky with extra milkRegular Pocky with extra milk


Pocky is a chocolate-covered biscuit stick. Part of the stick is left undipped, which means you can hold onto the innovative “handle” without getting sticky fingers!

Pretz was born out of the idea of pretzels (duh!), a popular snack in Germany.


Weird and Wonderful Flavors

Pocky and Pretz are the ultimate Japanese souvenirs! 

With so many varieties to choose from, it’s hard not to find a flavor that you, or your friends and family, will love!

Pocky comes in too many flavors to name, from chocolate, strawberry and almond, to seasonal flavors like honey and kiwifruit mango, to regional flavors like Hokkaido melon and Kobe wine.


Regional exclusive Pocky flavorsRegional exclusive Pocky flavors, produced by Glico


And, of course, there are many other unusual Japanese flavors like sweet potato, kurogoma (black sesame), milk, lychee, tomato and lots more!


Newly released Sweet Sake PockyNewly released Sweet Sake Pocky


Pretz tends to feature more savory flavors, but that’s not to say you can’t satisfy your sweet tooth as well.

The classic flavors are simple but delicious - roast and salad (basically salt) - whereas more unusual flavors stretch to takoyaki, basil, apple, maple and other seemingly endless combinations!


Range of Pretz flavorsSampling the world cusines through Pretz


Isn’t It Known As Just Pocky Day?

Nope, we can confirm that it’s Pocky and Pretz Day!


Pretz sometimes feels forgotten in a sea of PockyRemember that it's Pocky and Pretz Day!


Although, one Japanese news site recently reported that 86% of Japanese people recognize November 11 as Pocky Day, rather than Pocky and Pretz Day!

Unfortunately, Pretz knows that this is what the public thinks...and feels as though they play a supporting role to the world-famous and real star of the show, Pocky.

We love you Pretz!


A Pretz packet looks forlornly into the windowA sad Pretz packet reflects on Pocky and Pretz Day


So What Do You Do to Celebrate Then?

Indulge in the nation’s much-loved sweet and savory snacks, of course!

All across Japan, school children will bring and exchange Pocky and Pretz at school on the 11th November.

You can play a fun party game, called the Pocky Game, with your friends to celebrate Pretz and Pocky Day!



ZenPop’s Japanese Sweets Pack

We love all snacks equally, so we made sure to include both Pocky and Pretz in our Chocolate Cafe Sweets Pack.

Update (15th November): Hurry, only 20 packs left!


ZenPop's Japanese Sweets PackZenPop's Chocolate Cafe Sweets Pack


What you’ll get:

  • Almond Crush Pocky: Roasted almonds are covered with rich milk chocolate, making Almond Crush one of Japan’s most decadent Pocky flavors! We hope you love this luxurious flavor as much as we do.
  • Salad Pretz: The funny green character on the Pretz packaging is Gachapin and is the star of a popular Japanese television program for children, called Hirake! Ponkikki.


Pocky and Pretz included in ZenPop's Japanese Sweets PackA perfect pair of delicious Japanese sweets and snacks!


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