ZenPop Snack & Ramen Discontinuation

ZenPop Snack & Ramen Discontinuation

⚠️Attention all Ramen & Snack Subscribers

ZenPop is ending support for our Ramen & Snack boxes July 1st 2024

The final Ramen & Snack Boxes will ship throughout June.

All boxes scheduled to be delivered past July will be fully refunded by July 31st 2024


Refund information:

Refunds will be carried out automatically and require no action from the customers side. We advise all customers to check that their refund has been received properly by July 31st. If you have not received your refund by this date, contact us in the mail below and we’ll help you find out what happened and make sure it goes through. 

Customer support availability:

Monday - Friday 07:30 AM - 12:00 PM, 02:00 PM - 06:30 PM

(ZenPop is off on the weekend but we will reply ASAP on the upcoming weekday)


For those of you who have received their April Box with the included announcement postcard, rest assured that this is just the announcement. As mentioned above, if your subscription continues past this box, you will keep receiving boxes until:

  1. Your subscription ends
  2. Your last box arrives (shipped in June)
  3. You cancel your subscription before July.

The final boxes will be curated to the same level of care and attention to detail as before, however we will no longer be including the booklet, as this is changing across all boxes, including the stationery box.


ZenPop is not going away

Our Stationery box remains and will continue to improve as we focus our efforts on this part of Japan exclusively. This is the offering we’ve seen most excitement around and the one we have the most experience with within the team.


If you're now wondering where to get your Ramen & Snack fix beyond July, ZenPop recommend ZenPlus & ZenMarket linked respectively below. A lot of you have asked us for customization options, and with these platforms, you’re able freely pick your own items from many of the same sources as ZenPop have had access to. 





Though the Ramen & Snack box has been removed from the website front page, it is still possible to access these pages and order one month subscriptions. 

The ZenPop store will also have its boxes unrelated to stationery removed, but can also be ordered from until this is in effect.


ZenPop Ramen

ZenPop Snack

ZenPop Store

Keep in mind, if you subscribe in the time window between this update and the end of the boxes, all the above now applies to you. 


We thank you all deeply for your support.


For questions not answered in this post please contact us for support here: [email protected]