The 15 Best Hi-Chew Flavors You Must Try

The 15 Best Hi-Chew Flavors You Must Try

May 10, 2023 Tags 

Candies are the bane of kids and anyone with a sweet tooth, but when it comes to picking the right flavors, it can get a little complicated, and even after making a choice it always feels like you could have picked better. 

Hi-chew is one of Japan's most famous candies. Created in the 1930s by Japanese philanthropist and entrepreneur; Taichiro Morinaga to be an edible substitute for conventional gum. The reason behind this project was due to the Japanese taboo towards taking food out of one's mouth. He successfully made the candy in 1931, but it wasn't until the mid-1970s that Hi-chew candies were first released to the public.

Like most candies, Hi-Chew has so many flavors, and it can get hard to pick. In this article, we've narrowed it to the best 15 flavors, so let's get started.


1. Hi-Chew Kiwi Flavor


Hi-Chew Kiwi Flavor


This flavor is a relatively new inclusion in the Hi Hew line of candies, but has gained the attention of many consumers. The faint green-colored candy is infused with pieces of chia seeds to mimic the actual look of the fruit. The candy does quite well in remaking the mildly acidic fusion of strawberry and pineapple taste the real fruit is rumored to offer, though several consumers have remarked that it doesn't taste like the real deal.


2. Hi-Chew Mango Flavor


Hi-Chew Mango Flavor


Mango might not be everyone's favorite fruit, and the plain white coloring of the candy is deceitful.This is a perfect example of "don't judge a book by its cover" because of the burst of flavor it brings. Undressing this sweet delight releases a burst of tropical aroma in the air, and a bite is sure to invoke the feelings of summer on a beach.


3. Hi-Chew Ramune Flavor


Hi-Chew Ramune Flavor


This might not sound familiar outside Japan because it's not the name of a fruit. The name is a Japanese rendition of the word "lemonade", and it's a soft drink made of lime and lemon. Ramune-flavored hi-chew does well in mimicking the sparkling taste of soda and the sweet-sour taste of lime and lemon. Read more about Ramune in our dedicate article.


4. Hi-Chew Dragon fruit Flavor


Hi-Chew Dragon Fruit Flavor


Though this fruit candy doesn't breathe fire it's sure to make an explosion in your taste buds. Like the kiwi flavor, the dragon fruit-flavored candy is infused with chia seeds, giving a fine amount of protein and fiber and a mild crunch to this fiery masterpiece.


5. Hi-Chew Sour Lemon Flavor


Hi-Chew Sour Lemon Flavor


Not everyone with a sweet tooth wants super sweet candy. That is why the Hi-chew sour lemon is here to save the day with that mix of citrusy sourness with the sweetness of candy. If you want something a bit different from the usual mix, this is the candy for you.


6. Hi-Chew Green apple Flavor


Hi-Chew Green Apple


This flavor is currently discontinued due to low demand and sales in recent years however, it still deserves a spot, being one of the original flavors and also a very delicious one. It fully mimicked the taste of apple and will be missed.


7. Hi-Chew Pineapple Flavor


Hi-Chew Pineapple


You can’t really go wrong with pineapple flavored anything however, pineapple Hi-chew candies are quite rare and hard to find, but so are all things precious. This tropical sensation is sweet with just the right amount of sourness.



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8. Hi-Chew Strawberry Flavor


Hi-Chew Straweberry Flavor


Strawberry hi chew is one of the hi chew's most popular picks, being one of the original flavors. The berry-flavored candy has the right amount of sweetness and chewiness to make it one of the best.


9. Hi-Chew Cola Flavor


Hi-Chew Colar Flavor


Cola is such a wonderful flavor that gets people addicted. One bite of this candy releases a sparkling sensation in one's mouth. It's a perfect blend of sweet and dark with that fizzy undertone. You can get this in hi-chew’s special soda pop pack along with the Ramune flavor.


10. Hi-Chew Plain yogurt Flavor


Hi-Chew Plain Yogurt


Yogurt-flavored candies aren't popular, I mean most people don't like the idea of chewing on soured milk-flavored sweets. However, hii-chew’s plain yogurt is quite different, for starters, it tastes nothing like yogurt, it lacks the sourness and instead gives off a sweet milky flavor that smells and tastes wonderful. 


11. Hi-Chew Strawberry yogurt Flavor


Hi-Chew Strawberry Yogurt


Unwrapping this candy is like a visit to the ice cream shop. Surprisingly, the strawberry flavor goes remarkably well with the creaminess of the yogurt. This along with the plain yogurt flavor and blueberry yogurt flavor (not worthy of being on the list) can be found in the Hi-chews yogurt mix pack.


12. Hi-Chew Rainbow sherbet Flavor


Hi-Chew Rainbow Sherbet


Ever wondered what a rainbow tasted like, well this candy does a great job at bringing many people's childhood dreams to life. Hi-chew rainbow sherbet flavor is a perfect blend of lime, raspberries, and oranges. It's juicy and every bite is bursting with flavors. This can be found in the Hi-chews fantasy mix pack.


13. Hi-Chew Grapefruit Flavor


Hi-Chew Grapefruit Flavor


Grapefruit hi-chew are delicious ink-colored treats. They have the right amount of sweet and sour to make the mouth water and taste buds come alive. 


14. Hi-Chew Orange Flavor


Hi-Chew Orange Flavor


This citrus-flavored candy is worthy of its position at number two because you can not really go wrong with orange like ever. It is the perfect blend of sweetness and fruitiness that is hard to imitate.


15. Hi-Chew Grape Flavor


Hi-Chew Grape Flavor


Is it any surprise that the fruit that gave us wine, grape juice, and jelly is number one on the list? A bite of this juicy candy is enough to make one feel like a Greek god. Being one of the original hi-chew candies, it's been amongst the top choices for generations and is worthy of being our favorite hi-chew pick 




What Are The Original Hi-Chew Flavors? 


Hi-chew started with three flavors; green apple, strawberry, and grape 1975.


How Many Flavors Of Hi-Chew Are There? 


There are over 170 flavors of Hi-chew, but only a little above thirty are marketed outside Japan.


What Is The Most Popular Hi-Chew Flavor In Japan? 


According to the Hi-Chew website, their most popular flavor is grape.


Does Hi-Chew Taste Good? 


This depends largely on the flavor, but in general, most Hi-Chew candies are great candies.

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This article was originally written by our freelance writer Umm-Kulthum Abdulkareem and edited by us.