The History of Ramune

The History of Ramune

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Ramune is a popular Japanese soda that has been enjoyed by people for generations. With its unique flavor and distinct bottle, it has become an iconic symbol of Japanese culture. In this blog post, we'll explore the history of Ramune, from its origin to its evolution and popularity today.

If you want to explore more about Ramune, we've got you covered with an article explaining in detail what is ramune, and we also prepared the best ramune flavors for you. In this article, we'll go over the history of this famous Japanese soda. Let's get started!


Origin of Ramune


Alexander Cameron Sim


The origin of Ramune dates back to the late 1800s when it was first introduced to Japan. It was inspired by the European carbonated drinks of the time and quickly gained popularity for its unique flavor. Ramune's voyage starts in London, England, in 1872. Hiram Codd (1838–1887), an inventor and businessman, had just created and patented the eponymous Codd Neck Bottle, a chic glass bottle that safely enables the user to stop liquid leakage with the use of a glass marble. As it rises from the carbonated pressure against a rubber stopper, this marble attempts to create a purported "perfect seal."

It is said that the drink was first introduced to Japan by a Scottish man named Alexander Cameron Sim. He arrived in Japan in the late 1800s and introduced the concept of carbonated drinks to the country. Sim started importing a bottle of a sweet carbonated beverage with lemonade as its foundation in 1884. This medication was considered at the time to be effective in preventing cholera. And fortunately for Sim, after being advertised in the Tokyo Mainichi Shimbun daily, it gained enormous popularity.

The containers were first used as glass water bottles. However, it soon became clear that the bottles were more than enough for carbonated beverages since, once the bottle was opened, removing the marble from its broad mouth served to relieve the pressure of the interior carbonation.


Clear bottles of Ramune


Over time, Ramune has evolved to become a traditional beverage that is cherished by many Japanese people. Despite its European roots, Ramune has become a distinctly Japanese drink, known for its unique flavor and distinctive bottle.


Evolution of Ramune


Ramune Lemon Flavor


Over the years, Ramune has undergone several changes. Fortunately, it has steadily strayed farther and farther from its original goal of being used as medicine. The Japanese soda is pushing the envelope of taste possibilities now that it was formerly intended to be a medical beverage! Every month, ramune producers try out new flavors, ranging from springtime sakura ramune to delicious flavors like melon, all the way to funky town with a product that closely resembles seafood—clam chowder ramune? Would you be willing to give clam chowder ramune a try?

The original Ramune was bottled in glass bottles with a cork stopper, but it has since been re-bottled in a distinctive Codd-neck bottle. The unique bottle, which features a marble that is used to open the bottle, has become a trademark of Ramune. In addition to the change in packaging, the flavor of Ramune has also evolved to include a variety of different fruit flavors.


Various Ramune Flavors


The original flavor of Ramune was lemon-lime, but it has since expanded to include a variety of fruit flavors such as strawberry, melon, and grape. The range of flavors has helped to make Ramune more appealing to a wider range of consumers.


Popularity of Ramune Today


Ramune sold at a festival


Today, Ramune is a popular summer drink in Japan. It's often enjoyed at festivals and other outdoor events, and it's a staple of Japanese convenience stores. Despite its popularity, Ramune remains a traditional beverage that is cherished by many Japanese people. The evolution of Ramune shows how it has adapted to changing tastes and trends over time, while still retaining its unique flavor and distinctive bottle.


How to drink Ramune


Drinking Ramune is easy and fun. To open the bottle, simply push the marble up into the neck of the bottle using the provided plastic cap. You can check out our 4 step guide to opening the bottle easily. Once the bottle is open, simply pour the soda into a glass and enjoy. Ramune is best served cold, so be sure to store it in the refrigerator before drinking.




Ramune is a unique and interesting beverage with a rich history. From its origin in the late 1800s to its evolution into a popular summer drink, Ramune has become an important part of Japanese culture. Whether you're a fan of its unique flavor or its distinctive bottle, Ramune is definitely worth a try.