Top 5 Character Cafes in Osaka

Top 5 Character Cafes in Osaka

Japanese culture is full of popular characters from anime, games, movies and much more.

By visiting a character cafe in Japan, you can enjoy your favorite character in a very different way!

Most characters cafes pop-up for a limited-time only, although some of Japan's favorite characters have their very own cafe open year-round!

Check out our top 5 character cafes in Osaka, Japan.

1. Gudetama Cafe


Gudetama is everyone’s favorite lazy egg yolk with a cute bottom! Gude-gude is Japanese  onomatopoeia meaningbeing lazy’ and tamago means ‘egg’.

He made his debut in 2013, and despite being lazy, he has become one of Japan’s most loved characters! It may be because of his good sense of humor and funny comments (‘’Can’t be helped. I have zero motivation today.)’’

Gudetama Cafe is located on the seventh floor of HEP FIVE, a shopping center near Umeda Station. The cafe is decorated with drawings of Gudetama in his various lazy positions, as well as his funniest sayings. Cuddle up next to a Gudetama plush toy, while you dig into some egg-y dishes!

Read about ZenPop’s visit to the Gudetama Cafe.

2. Pompompurin Cafe

This adorable Golden Retriever, wearing a brown beret, is one of Sanrio’s most popular characters.

The Pompompurin Cafe, in central Umeda, is a relaxing and peaceful space that invites your friends to Pompom Room.

Everything in this cafe is bright yellow (his favorite color) and stamped with Pompompurin’s trademark smiley face.

Pompompurin’s favorite thing is pudding, so of course there are lots of delicious desserts to try! Enjoy their famous caramel pudding or parfait with a friend.

Pompompurin Cafes are also in Nagoya, Harajuku (Tokyo) and Yokohama.

3. GINTAMA x Sanrio Characters Cafe

This cafe is a unique collaboration between Sanrio and the anime/manga series Gintama.

It’s only open for a limited-time, from 26th April to 4th June 2019, so make sure you don’t miss out. The Tokyo cafe is also open until 2nd June.

Famous Japanese characters, Gin-san, Shinpachi and Kagura as "Little Twin Stars", True Choice Group (Shinsengumi) as "Pati & Jimmy", Sadaharu & Elizabeth as "Hello Kitty" and Army of Demon Soldiers (Kiheitai) as "Goropikadon," will be gathered together to make a fantastic menu for you.

It is recommended that you reserve your table in advance.

4. Rilakkuma Cafe

While this cafe is not in Osaka, it's an easy train ride away in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

At this cute Rilakkuma Cafe, the ''relaxed bear'' and all his friends are splashed across the walls and in your food and drinks! Try lots of traditional Japanese dishes, like Kyoto-style curry and bento boxes, as well as white miso cream pasta. And if you think some of the desserts are too cute to eat, with a little bear head poking out of your parfait, we completely understand!

You can also take a souvenir to go, like a jar of delicious honey, one of Rilakkuma's much-loved treats.

5. Gundam Cafe


After a long-awaited opening, the first official Gundam Cafe opened in Dotonbori, Osaka this March - good news for all the robots and mecha fans out there!

The Osaka cafe is much more spacious than the two Gundam Cafes in Tokyo. It has two areas: a sit-down cafe and take-out place, each with a different menu. The futuristic space interior, as well as the menu, are inspired by the Gundam world view and staff members even wear uniforms from the original stories.

And that’s not all surprises! While you eat, download a special app to vote for your favorite Gundam scenes and then watch them on the cafe’s TVs.


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