Neko Cafe in Japan

Neko Cafe in Japan

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Have you ever heard about Neko (Lit. cat) cafe?

There was a boom of Neko Cafe a few years ago, and even now, there are many Neko Cafe in Japan! Wanna relax and spend a nice time with cute cats? Keep reading to know more about Neko cafe!!


What Is Neko Cafe?

A Neko (Lit. cat) cafe is a cafe where you can play and relax with cats.

After the first cat cafe was opened in Taiwan, the concept blossomed in Osaka, Japan. People who go to Neko cafe often say that they get healed by cute little cats. 



Ways to Enjoy Neko Cafe

A Neko cafe is is just like a normal cafe where you can eat and drink. The difference of course are the cats around you. You can play with them, take pictures, and even feed them with snacks in some places!

Please check the rules of the cafe you will go because they depend on each cafe!

If you are not used to animals, don’t worry! Most of the cats in the cafe are accustomed to people, so they will come close, and you can definitely enjoy the time with them🐈 Of course, you do not have to play with them if you don't want to. It is nice to spend a relaxing time in the same space with cats too.

Moreover, some Neko cafe provides cute cat themed food menu! Why don’t you enjoy relaxing time and delicious food with cats?

Images: Neko Curry (Left), Neko Cake (Middle), Neko Sundae (Right)

Why Neko Cafe Became Popular in Japan?

Well… It is said that there are several reason for that.

The first reason is because apartments that allow pets in Japan is rare, so people who want to have one but who can’t, come and enjoy the time with cats in Neko Cafe. The second reason is because many Neko Cafe own rare variety of cats. And another reason is that a lot of Japanese people are stressed and need a time to relax!








Just looking at these pictures will comfort you. :)


Did you know that there are many other animals cafe in Japan as Dog Cafe or Owl Cafe? So you'll certainly find one that you like! If you do not have any plan right now for traveling to Japan, you can get a “Lucky Cat” Pack and enjoy cute cats designed stationery!!