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Easy Hanbagu Recipe: How To Make Japanese Hamburg Steak
Learn how to cook one of Japan's most iconic dishes from the 1960s in a few simple steps!
Easy Karaage Recipe: How to Make Japanese-Style Fried Chicken
Ever wanted to cook Japan's most famous fried chicken at home? This is your easiest recipe available for tasty Karaage!
What are the best ramen toppings at home?
Love Ramen? Want even better Ramen? Add some toppings for an enhanced experience. Here's what you need!
Teriyaki Chicken Recipe: How to Make Japan’s Popular Chicken Dish
Japanese Teriyaki Chicken, it's a must know dish on your recipe list! And you can learn how to make this delicious Japanese meal in a couple of easy steps here!
Easy Shogayaki Recipe: How to Make Japanese Ginger Pork
Shogayaki (生姜焼き) is a simple yet classic dish of Japanese cuisine. It's easily made, and this is how!
Easy Sukiyaki Recipe: How to Make the Japanese Hot Pot Dish
Can you tell Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu apart? We'll let you know the difference, and how to make an easy sukiyaki dish at home for friends and family!
What is Japanese Oden? The Complete Guide (with recipe)
Learn about the history and ingredients of the traditional Japanese Oden and how to cook it yourself!
How to Cook Pokémon Ramen?
Learn how to prepare your favorie Pikachu ramen here!
How To Make Instant Ramen Better
Easy ways to make instant ramen better with toppings right here!
Easy Omurice  Recipe (Japanese Omelette Rice) オムライス
Learn how to quickly cook a Japanese Omurice (Omelette rice) with ZenPop!
Easy Japanese Omelette Recipe (Tamagoyaki, 玉子焼き)
Learn an easy Japanese omelette recipe here!