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The Ultimate Guide to Anime Facial Expressions
Jul 05, 2023 Tags 
What do Japanese Anime Facial Expressions mean? We explain everything.
Winter 2021 Anime: What We’re Watching
Let’s take a look at the new winter anime season!
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The summer anime season is bringing the heat! Here’s what we’re watching!
Best 5 Anime Series of the Spring Season
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6 Binge-Worthy Anime on Netflix
Apr 08, 2020 Tags 
Grab some snacks and get ready to binge some anime!
Our Top 7 Romance Anime To Watch Valentine's Day
Feb 06, 2020 Tags 
Celebrate the season of love with these kawaii anime series!
Our 6 Favorite Nostalgic Anime Series
Let’s take a look at our old childhood favorites! 
Winter 2020 Anime Season: Our Top 5 Anticipated Anime
Jan 08, 2020 Tags 
Here’s what we’ll be watching in 2020!
Best Anime of 2019: 7 Must-Watch Anime Series
Dec 20, 2019 Tags 
The 7 not-to-be-missed anime series that wow'ed us this year!
Our Favorite Anime Dishes You Can Make At Home
Dec 12, 2019 Tags 
We’re hungry! What food from anime would you like to try?
Our Top 5 Fall Anime: What We’re Watching This Season 
Nov 20, 2019 Tags 
Let’s take a look at what’s airing this Fall Anime Season! What are you watching?