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Where are the Best Hot Springs in Japan?
Sep 14, 2018 Tags 
Japan's best onsens...according to the Japanese!
How Japanese Support Sports Team
Sep 01, 2018 Tags 
Interesting Japanese things about sports watching!!
Top 7 Theme Park in Japan
Japan has many exciting theme parks/amusement parks! Find your favorite and visit when you come to Japan🗾
3 Famous Shaved Ice “Kakigori” in Japan
Jul 30, 2018 Tags 
Do you know what kind of shaved ices are famous in Japan?
Top-Selling Manga in Japan
Jun 18, 2018 Tags 
Manga is very popular in Japan, and tons of manga released every year. Can you guess 6 top-selling manga in Japan?
Neko Cafe in Japan
Apr 18, 2018 Tags 
Relax and have fun with cute cats in Neko Cafe! 🐱
Onomichi - the Sea, the Temples, and the Ramen
Apr 14, 2018 Tags 
Every country has a lot of "hidden" travel destinations. Onomichi is one of those.
Ninja in Japan?
Feb 26, 2018 Tags 
Ninja. Very cool but mysterious.
Japanese New Year's Card ~年賀状 in Japanese Culture~
Dec 25, 2017 Tags 
Do you know what “Nengajo (年賀状)” is? It is a New Year’s Day greeting cards we send in Japan.
8 Popular Stationeries in Japan
Aug 17, 2017 Tags 
Can you guess which stationery is popular in Japan? Here are 8 popular and useful stationeries!!
7 Places that you should definitely visit in Japan
Jun 09, 2017 Tags 
7 great places in Japan that you need to add to your bucket list!! - Tsunoshima bridge, Miyajima fireworks, and more!