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Our Top 2021 Manga Releases
Let’s take a look at the new manga coming in 2021!
Part 14: Shin and Luna watch Fireworks
Jan 14, 2020 Tags 
For the first time one of our ZenPop customer appears in our online manga! The winner of our 3rd year giveaway was drawn in the artist's style watching fireworks with the main characters.
Part 13: Lost And Found
Nov 05, 2019 Tags 
Luna got lost in an Obakeyashiki (Japanese ghost house). What sort of monsters will await her?
Part 12: Japanese Matsuri
Oct 09, 2019 Tags 
It's Luna's first summer festival! How cute will she look in her kimono?
Behind-the-Scenes with the Artist of ZenPop's Manga
Sep 20, 2019 Tags 
We sat for an interview with the Japanese artist that draws Luna-chan's manga.
Part 11: What a crazy dream !
Aug 31, 2019 Tags 
This is the part 11 of Luna-chan's online manga. What kind of meaningful dream will she have?
Part 10: Shin's baito place
Jul 31, 2019 Tags 
Luna and Shin have gone out for a walk at a hydrangea park when it suddenly starts raining...
Part 9: Who's that girl
Jun 11, 2019 Tags 
Right after Luna turned into human, Shin who was looking for his bunny sees her and...
Part 8: Luna's first Hanami
May 10, 2019 Tags 
Our bunny's first hanami (flower viewing) promises to be full of surprises...
Part 7: Is it only a dream?
Apr 25, 2019 Tags 
Luna really wants to be human again, but how?
Part 6: On discovery
Apr 10, 2019 Tags 
Do you ever wonder how Luna got her name?