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What is a Japanese Senbei? A complete guide to Japanese Rice Crackers
Japanese Senbei are a type of rice cracker. But do you know the difference with arare and okaki? Learn more in this article.
Japanese Stationery Guide: Kokuyo Brand Presentation
Looking for great paper, or a new notebook? Learn more about Kokuyo and their history of stationery.
Japanese Kimono: A Complete Guide
What is a Japanese Kimono? How much does a Japanese Kimono cost? Everything you need to know here.
Acecook: A Complete Guide to The Osaka Based Noodle Manufacturer
Why is Acecook so famous in Vietnam? What is Mochichi ramen? Learn more about Acecook in this article.
Christmas in Japan
Do they celebrate Christmas in Japan? What do Japanese eat for Christmas? All your questions answered here!
Toyo Suisan: A Complete Guide to The Company Behind Maruchan
Do you know about the ramen brand Maruchan? Let’s learn about it’s main company here in Japan, Toyo Suisan!
What is Japanese Oden? The Complete Guide (with recipe)
Learn about the history and ingredients of the traditional Japanese Oden and how to cook it yourself!
The Complete Guide to Japanese Omiyage Culture (Gift Giving)
Learn the difference between Omiyage and Gift Giving and a little history about this tradition!
Sanyo Foods: A Complete Guide to Sapporo Ichiban
Learn more about Sapporo Ichiban and its maker, Sanyo Foods
Nissin Foods: A Complete Guide to The Inventor of Instant Noodles
Learn more about the origins of Japanese Instant Noodles and Nissin Foods
The Complete Guide to Wakayama Ramen
Learn everything you need to know about Wakayama Ramen in 3 minutes!