ZenPop's July Packs Review

ZenPop's July Packs Review

This month Luna-chan celebrated the start of summer with a holiday in Ishigaki, one of the 160 Okinawan islands.

We taste-tested some of the most unusual summer food trends. Have you tried any of these?

And the 100th panel of our online manga, Full Moon Magic, was published. To celebrate, we've got presents for you! Enter here (closes 2nd July)

Let's find out what was inside our July Packs!

RAMEN - Summer Sampler Pack

This month we’re showcasing Japan’s ramen classics, from traditional to new flavors. Try six different ramen varieties, as well as one all-time popular yakisoba. If you’re a hopeless ramen-tic, you’ll also enjoy learning a bit more about the history of this famous dish. You’ll even get to try the first-ever instant noodles that people were able to prepare at home...in 1958!


  • Shoyu Ramen - CupStar Classic Cup
  • Miso Ramen
  • Tonkotsu Ramen
  • RAOH Kogashi Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Pakuchi Lemon Ramen
  • Chicken Ramen
  • Peyoung Yakisoba

ZenPop's June Ramen Pack 1ZenPop's June Ramen Pack 2ZenPop's June Ramen Pack 3

RAMEN + SWEETS MIX - City Snacks Pack

ZenPop is located in Osaka - Japan’s second largest city - and we love it! We get to try the best ramenyas, izakayas in interesting neighbourhoods and all the street foods of bustling Dōtonbori. Osaka is all about convenience - there is a konbini (convenience store) on every corner where you can get new and unique Japanese snacks. Sample the flavors of Osaka for yourself with July’s City Snacks Ramen + Mix Pack. What’s your favorite?


  • Osaka Ramen
  • Shio Yakisoba
  • Milk Chocolate Cubie
  • Chocolate Monaka
  • Ume no Tane - Sour Chews
  • Hi-Chew Mini
  • Chelsea Butterscotch
  • Mochi Mugi Sesame Senbei

ZenPop's June Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack 1ZenPop's June Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack 2ZenPop's June Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack 3

SWEETS - Summer BBQ Pack

Like most places in the world, summer time in Japan is barbecue time! As houses are usually quite small and don’t have an outdoor area, we BBQ in the park or by the river. Our Summer BBQ Pack includes lots of meaty savory snacks for sharing, as well as Country Ma’am cookies and even ice cream. Fire up the grill and enjoy these tasty snacks with your friends!


  • Giza Giza Lemon Pepper Potato Chips
  • Don Tacos Mayo Chicken Corn Chips
  • Beer + Pepper Salami
  • Energy Drink Fettuccine Gummies
  • Pakila Choco Mint
  • Country Ma'am Vanilla Cookies
  • Crunky - Sou Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Kiwi Hi-Chew
  • Pretz-Salad
  • Dodeka Bar Choco
  • Puchi Kinako Wafers
  • Umaibo - Gyutan
  • Chameleon Candy
  • Maple Hot Cakes
  • Dora Choco

ZenPop's June Sweets Pack 1ZenPop's June Sweets Pack 2ZenPop's June Sweets Pack 3

STATIONERY - Tropical Dreams Pack

So much cute Japanese stationery and so little time... but we have an idea, why not update your collection every season! It’s summer, so July’s pack is full of bright and colorful items that will have you dreaming of your tropical summer holiday. We’ve included Japan’s most popular items, like a Sarasa pen, Mildliners and mt Washi Tape, as well as 7 more sparkly, summery and happy items.

Our last three Stationery Packs have sold out, including this month's Tropical Dreams Pack. If you love our Stationery Packs, please subscribe now to reserve your pack!


  • Sarasa - Beach Pen
  • Zebra - Mildliner Set
  • mt Washi Tape -Slim 3 pack
  • Uni - Colored Pencil
  • Color Lead Refill
  • Summer Schedule Markers
  • Summer Sparkle-holic Stickers
  • Summer Letter Set
  • Mochi Mochi Panda Mini Memo
  • Howacolo Clear File

ZenPop's June Stationery Pack 1ZenPop's June Stationery Pack 2ZenPop's June Stationery Pack 3


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