Japanese Sweets Pack

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ZenPop's sweets and snacks pack will include more than 13 various kinds of sweets and snacks that are selected and packed in Japan by our Japanese staff.
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Japanese snacks and Japanese sweets are known for their unique style and great taste. A lot of you may know about certain items, but the snacks you can find outside of Japan are just a small segment of of the Japanese snacking world.

We want everyone in the world to have a full experience of Japanese snacks and Japanese sweets and share in the greatness of it. That’s why we’re offering this snack pack that includes not just classic Japanese snacks and Japanese sweets but also some new ones that we don’t think you’d able to find around you.

This includes limited edition flavors of a long selling candies, or limited edition collaborations with Pokemon, Hello Kitty and other famous brands. DIY snacks may also be included in each pack. These are a unique type of Japanese snack and it’s a perfect opportunity to learn a little bit about Japanese culture. All snack brands constantly offer new products or updated products in Japan so it’s very hard to keep up even if you are living in Japan.

ZenPop would like to select the best items for you so that you won’t have to worry about following trends in Japanese snacks and Japanese sweets. We hope you enjoy experiencing new Japanese snacks and Japanese sweets with ZenPop!

* The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual product may vary.

Current Sweets Pack:
SW05 - Sweet Friends

This pack was updated on February 12th, 2017 - 16 tasty items

Current Pack Contents

  1. Something Chocolate??
  2. Tropical Friends Cotton Candy
  3. Something White Chocolate??
  4. Something Bacony??
  5. Matcha Drizzled Potato Chips
  6. Something Kinako Flavor??
  7. String Candy - Red + Green Grape Flavor
  8. Something Gummy??
  9. Matcha Pocky
  10. Something Caramel??
  11. Melty Kiss - Brandy Orange Chocolate
  12. Mini Bisco Strawberry Sandwich Cookies
  13. Something Spicy??
  14. Fried Chicken??
  15. Pikachu Grape Gummy Candy
  16. Gudetama Gum + Sticker

This Sweets Pack is cute, funny, and contains a little bit of everything, so you can try a variety of what Japan has to offer in the snack department. Strange dagashi, sophisticated chocolate, green tea flavor on both potato chips (weird but good) and Pocky (delicious as always), a few salty snacks, some fun gummy candies too, and more. Perfect for sharing with friends and enjoying the unique world of Japanese candy and snacks!

We often reveal new things and try out items on our social media pages so please follow us on instagram or facebook to see more. Of course, please feel free to contact us anytime with questions as well.

You get FREE international shipping with every order. It will take approximately 14 - 28 business days, however it can vary depending on where you are. We currently deliver to 94 countries in the world. Check the list of where we deliver to here.
The declared value of each pack is 2500 yen, which is within the duty free allowances of most countries.

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