Giveaway & Art Contest winner announcement

Giveaway & Art Contest winner announcement


Konnichiwa! Today, we're announcing the winners of Giveaway and Art Contest.

Thank you, everyone, for participating in many ways. We’re very happy to be able to interact with you at social media platforms!



Congratulations to the 7 lucky winners of Giveaway:


a) Stationery Pack: Anna M・Ardra N・Marta C・Spenser G

This is our very first Stationery pack. We appreciate how far we have come by your support!




b) Sweets Small PackCamryn STimothy S・Trisha G


This is our new challenge. Would you want to have lots of candies at one or little by little?





Congratulations to the winner of Art Contest:


 #1 Ruth G (@_meowdraws)

She gets a debut stationery box for free!




We truly thank you all. Each and every illustration is creative and fun. We decided to pick a few more winners and give them a little bonus prize.

They win a 5$ coupon!


#2 Tessa W (@peachy_matcha)





#3 Emily S (@magentreaty)




To see more cute arts from the other applicants check here:


Our bunny's travel around the world Part 1

Our bunny's travel around the world Part 2

We have felt the warm support for us from you.

Thank you again!


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