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What is Frozen Ramen?
Sep 15, 2023 Tags 
We compare the similarities of frozen and instant noodles!
The 8 best Summer Ramen
Jun 09, 2023 Tags 
Looking for refreshing ramen? Those are the 8 best noodles dishes to try in Summer.
What is Shoyu? (and how is it made?)
Apr 12, 2023 Tags 
Ever wondered how Shoyu is made? A Comprehensive Guide to this Mouthwatering Japanese Soy Sauce.
The different types of Japanese chopstick holders
Mar 13, 2023 Tags 
Is there a difference from one chopstick holder to another? Yes there is, and here they are.
The Nissin Cup Noodle Museum Osaka
Mar 02, 2023 Tags 
Discover the interesting history of Cup Noodles at this interesting museum in Osaka!
The Complete Guide to Sapporo Ramen
Learn everything you need to know about Sapporo Ramen in 3 minutes!
Awesome Japanese Food Collaborations
Let’s take a look at these amazing food collabs!