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Peach Festa Pack - Released in March 2018
What was in this Sweets Pack? Hint: 🍑
DIY Candies - Make, Play, and Eat!
Apr 02, 2018 Tags 
You love candies. You love arts. So here they are!
Jagarico - Heavenly Crunchy Potato Chips
Mar 19, 2018 Tags 
If you’re a fan of Japanese snacks, Jagarico is a must try!
Kouhaku Pack - Released in January 2018
What was in this Sweets Pack? RED and WHITE teams battling it our for delicious supremacy!
Chocolate Expo in Osaka 2018
Feb 14, 2018 Tags 
Valentine's day is now a women's festival.
Valentine's Day in Japanese Style
Valentine's Day in Japan is a bit peculiar. Do you wanna join us?
Playful Pack - Released in January 2018
What was in this Mix Pack? A box full of joy and fun!
Old Times Pack - Released in November 2017
Have classic snacks and reminisce about the old times.
5 Japanese Snacks With Punny Names
Puns are fun! Learn a bit of Japanese language and culture with punny snack names.
SW11 - Sweet Heart Pack - Released in October 2017
ZenPop turned 1. We love you! 💖
Happy Gummy Day! - 5 Gummies You Should Try
Aug 25, 2017 Tags 
September 3rd is the Gummy Day in Japan. Let's celebrate the day with 5 of the best gummies in Japan!