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Japanese National Holidays
Do you know about Japanese national holidays? It might be interesting to know!!
Tsukimi Festival & We Have a Big Announcement
Oct 04, 2017 Tags 
October 4th is the day for tsukimi! It's the day when Japanese people give thanks to nature, while viewing the moon. Also, we have a big announcement...finally, the bunny has a name!
Happy Gummy Day! - 5 Gummies You Should Try
Aug 25, 2017 Tags 
September 3rd is the Gummy Day in Japan. Let's celebrate the day with 5 of the best gummies in Japan!
Star Festival - Tanabata (七夕)
Have you heard about Tanabata festival? It's a romantic, dreamy night for Japanese.
Unique items to get a great job?!?!
A pen helps us to get hired?! Here are some interesting stationery from Japan!
It's Sakura Season! Grab Snacks & Go Ohanami.
Apr 01, 2017 Tags 
Did you know that sakura has a power to liberate Japanese people's mind and make them booze cheerfully?