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5 Must Go Japanese Summer Festivals
Summertime is celebrated with festivals (matsuri) all over Japan
Golden Week 2019
Apr 16, 2019 Tags 
It's a one-of-a-kind Golden Week this year. Where will you go?
Setsubun: Demons out! Luck in!
Jan 29, 2019 Tags 
Can you eat a 20cm sushi roll in one go for good luck?
Luna's New Year Celebration
Jan 01, 2019 Tags 
Did you eat delicious osechi ryori for oshogatsu (Japanese New Year), like Luna did?
New Year’s Eve Noodles
We eat toshikoshi soba to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new.
OSECHI - Traditional Lucky Foods for a Happy New Year
What is "osechi"? Looks like a gorgeous bento box filled with elegant foods...?!
Japanese National Holidays
Do you know about Japanese national holidays? It might be interesting to know!!
8 Summer Festival Foods You Should Know
The biggest fun in the summer is a festival. The biggest fun in a festival is...a firework show? Are you sure???
Valentine's Day & White Day in Japan
Mar 14, 2017 Tags 
Japan has some unique traditions during Valentine's Day. Do you know what they are?
New Year's Shopping in Japan - Fukubukuro
Fukubukuro, or Lucky Bags, are a New Year's shopping tradition in Japan & the inspiration for ZenPop's service.