ZenPop's February Packs Review

ZenPop's February Packs Review

Find out what was in February's Japanese subscription boxes. Direct from Osaka, Japan to you!

Stationery - Starry Night


ZenPop's Japanese Stationery PackJapanese Stationery Subscription Box | February's theme: Starry Night


Be dazzled by the beauty of a starry night sky with our favorite friends Rilakkuma and Kirby, as well as the majestic and beautiful shirokuma (polar bear). Get ready to sparkle in the new year, with glittery washi tape, gilded flake seals, starry sky schedule stickers and more. Make a wish on a shooting star and capture it in your new Rilakkuma starry night memo or on your Japanese-style “one-stroke writing paper” with one of your two writing tools, including a Mildliner!

10 beautiful and sparkly items included.


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  • Starry Sky Glitter Washi Tape
  • Shirokuma Stand Fusen
  • Rilakkuma Starry Night Mini Memo
  • Shirokuma Ippitsusen Notepad
  • Shirokuma To-Do List
  • KIGURUME's Quit Panda Slim Ruler
  • Starry Sky Schedule Stickers
  • Gilded Washi Flake Seals
  • Mitsubishi Signo Uni-ball Extra Fine (Blue-Black)
  • Kirby's DreamLand Mildliner


When your latest ZenPop Japan stationery box comes and it is so beautiful you don't want to use anything 😭 @miss.nicolleforever


Instagram: ZenPop's Starry Night Japanese Stationery Subscription BoxThis new Washi is art itself 😍 ✨ 🐧 @steffispics

Instagram: ZenPop's Starry Night Japanese Stationery Subscription Box
I really love this box, she never disappoints me 💕 @shifumiesjournal


Ramen - Trip to Japan


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen PackJapanese Ramen Subscription Box | February's theme: Trip to Japan


Transport your taste buds to Japan with this variety of popular and premium instant noodles! You'll try classic flavors, like miso and shoyu (soy sauce) ramen and nanban soba, to unique and off-the-beaten-track tastes! Starting in northern Japan, slurp up Sapporo's infamous soup curry. Next, a special ramen collaboration from two award-winning ramenyas that specialize in miso and tonkotsu. If you're an adventurous traveller, experience a traditional Osakan udon dish with a starring ingredient might surprise you! We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip to Japan.

7 classic and uniquely Japanese full-size instant noodle bowls.


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  • Oshima X Tanaka Shoten - Miso Tonkotsu Ramen
  • Osaka Kasu Udon
  • Niwatori Nanban Soba
  • Charumera Shoyu Ramen
  • Sapporo Soup Curry Ramen
  • Mellow Miso Ramen
  • Shio Yakisoba



Instagram: ZenPop's Trip to Japan Ramen Subscription Box
Thank you #zenpopjapan for another amazing package! @valkyrie_needs_food


Ramen + Sweets Mix - Midnight Snacks


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix PackJapanese Ramen + Sweets Subscription Box | February's theme: Midnight Snacks


Satisfy your late night cravings with this month's Midnight Snacks Mix Pack! We were inspired by the popular TV series, Midnight Diner, based on the best-selling Japanese manga. Open from 12am to 7am, the izakaya (restaurant) serves up tasty comfort food in the busy nightlife area of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Pull up a counter stall and re-fuel with salty stir-fried noodles, Kaki no Tane (a classic Japanese bar snack), savory pancakes and more. If you're ready to call it a night, then indulge with a sweet treat or two, like Takenoko no Sato's nutty chocolate cake. Sweet dreams!

2 salty ramen, 5 savory snacks and 2 sweet treats.


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  • Charumera Shio Ramen
  • Shio Yakisoba
  • Wasabi Kaki no Tane
  • Calbee's Jagabee Salt and Sesame Oil Crisps
  • Milk Chocolate Shimi Choco
  • Takenoko no Sato - Double Nuts Chocolate Cake
  • Umaibo - Salami Flavor
  • Puchi - Margherita Pizza Chips
  • DonDon Yaki Sauce Flavor

Sweets - Sweet Memories


ZenPop's Japanese Sweets PackJapanese Sweets Subscription Box | February's theme: Sweet Memories


Experience Japan's classic sweets and flavors, while making new sweet memories! Try real-fruit drops made famous by their appearance in anime Grave of the Fireflies (and hold onto the collectible tin!) Get a taste of one of the most sought-after and exclusive ramune candies. Enjoy a premium choco pie - a collaboration with popular coffee chain, Maruyama. Plus sample traditional flavors, like shoyu (soy sauce), yakitori and curry, to new tastes of soda, potato butter and amaou strawberry.

15 classic and delicious sweets and snacks included.


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  • Country Ma'am Amaou Strawberry Mini Cookies
  • Lotte 'Barista Premium' Choco Pie
  • Puchi - Moist Chocolate
  • Crunky Chocolate
  • Umaibo - Yakitori
  • Koikeya - Soy Sauce Chips
  • Sakuma's Drops
  • Rainbow Ramune
  • Natsukashi Curry Arare
  • Maken Gummy Cola
  • Koro Kyan Soda Chewing Candy
  • Mini Choco Bats
  • Ichigo Mugi
  • Gogo Chocolate
  • Jagariko - Potato Butter


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