Hana ga Saku Pack - Released in March 2018

Hana ga Saku Pack - Released in March 2018


If we tell you it’s soon Spring in Japan, the image of sakura cherry blossoms will certainly pop out in your mind! Check what we had in the March pack here!

“Hana ga saku” simply means that flowers are blooming. (花 hana = flower, 咲くsaku = bloom). Washi tape, stickers and pens, this pack is full of blooming flowers. Be prepared to find a few other cute characters and unique items like non-skid paper that just can’t be moved!



  1. Glitter Color Highlighter
    If you have anything you want to emphasis very much on your notebook or schedule book, use this glitter color highlighter. The lines you draw with this will shine and definitely catch up your eyes on to it!
  1. ZIG Wink of Luna Brush
    Brush pens with a glitter color ink. Brush pens tend to looks like traditional and sometimes old fashioned, but this Luna brush pen is very stylish and cool. Did you noticed that this brush pen have same name as ZenPop’s cute character “Luna”?
  1. Flower Pen (Black ink ball pen)
    Is this a real flower? No, it’s not:P It is a smooth black ink pen with a colorful fake flower. You will get one out of four colors, white, yellow, pink, or orange.
  1. Hello Kitty Sharp Pen
    Hello Kitty is getting ready to picnic under the sakura flowers:) Did you know that Kitty’s height and weight are represented by the number of apple? It’s said that her height is about 5 apples and the weight is about 3 apples. 
  1. Schedule Stickers
    Colorful stickers with flowers! You can write your schedule and stick it on your schedule notebook or bullet journal. Even your schedule change, you can easily peel off and repaste it.

  2. Rose Washi Tape
    Rose is not so popular among Japanese if we compare with Sakura (桜:cherry blossoms), but it is famous for its very difficult Kanji, which is 薔薇. It has 32 strokes and I guess most of Japanese cannot write it.
  1. FUJI & SAKURA Washi Tape
    Washi tape with a beautiful Mt. Fuji and cherry blossom trees. In Japan, we feel the start of spring by brooming cherry blossoms, and we do Ohanami, cherry blossom viewing, when it become warmer.

  2. Non-skid Memo Pad
    Have you ever experience that the memo pad moves while you are taking notes? Use this non-skid memo pad! This memo pad won’t move even you do not hold it because it has a mount which has been specially treated on the back. Don't forget to take off the sheet on that mount before you use this useful memo pad!

  3. Spring Letter Set
    In East Asia, there is a traditional way of think “seasons”, which we divide one year to 24 seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are all divided in 6 seasons, and you will get one out of them.

  4. Ham Egg Hamburger Memo Block
    Ham Eggs (Hamsters with a fried egg on his/her head) are cooking and eating hamburger!! It’s soooo cute;) Carry this lovely memo block with you when you have to take memos.

  5. Rilakkuma Sticker
    The little brown bear with Rilakkuma (relax + kuma, meaning bear) lives in the forest of honey. In the forest, they have an annual harvest festival, and it is the only day when they can get special honey. Rilakkuma, who loves honey a lot, decided to help the little brown bear to get that special honey from him.

  6. Correction tape & Eraser
    Super cool stationery from MONO!! This is 2WAY correction tool, eraser and correction tape. Put this versatile correction tool in your pencil case and you can leave to MONO when you need to erase something!!

  7. Washi Sticker (BONUS for subscribers)                                                                                          
    Cute and colorful animal washi stickers! You can peel off the sticker very easily because its made from washi tape, and also you can write on to the stickers.                                       



  Everything is practical and useful in your everyday life. Please enjoy Japanese stationery with ZenPop.

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