Stomach Growling? Here are 5 Candy Bars For You!

Stomach Growling? Here are 5 Candy Bars For You!

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You’re going back to school. And I’m sure you will have this common issue: growling stomach. During vacation, you could indulge in snacks while studying at your comfortable space, but if you’re not allowed to snack during class, you need to tackle the issue. You would have the same trouble if you’re in the office, too.

So how do you prevent the stomach noise? Probably one of the best foods to have in the classroom or in the office is a snack bar. It’s handy, fulfilling and yummy. You can eat it quickly and quietly and would be content only with one bar (if your belly is not completely empty). You would not be embarrassed with the sound of your growling stomach if you have it between classes or while commuting. (Or during class, maybe?)

Snack bars were boosted popularity around 2006 in Japan, and currently there are plenty of them sold in convenience stores, supermarkets and drugstores. You can even find vending machines of them at stations and universities. Everyone needs it. So here are 5 popular snack bars in Japan.


SOYJOY - about 130 kcal (30g)
SOYJOY is probably the very first snack bar that became famous and popular in Japan. Soy flour is used instead of wheat flour, and good news for dieters, it is gluten-free! Dried fruits and nuts are added to make it flavorful. It has a unique, chewy texture, which makes it addictive. There are 12 kinds of flavors from fruits to chocolate to nuts.

Strawberry flavored SOYJOY.


Ippon Manzoku Bar - about 180 kcal (40g)
Ippon Manzoku Bar is more like a dessert compared to SOYJOY. It was originally targeted to men who work extra hours, which is quite normal here in Japan, but it is popular among ladies too. There are 7 different kinds; 3 cereals and 4 tarts.

Do you wanna work/study extra hours with this yummy snack bar?


Calorie Mate - about 100 kcal (20g)
Calorie Mate can be a great energy source when you have no time to sit and have a meal. 2 bars come in a package, so it sums up to 200 kcal in total. It’s nutritionally well-balanced with much protein, calcium, iron, and multivitamins included. There are 5 flavors; plain, cheese, fruit, chocolate, and maple syrup. One thing you have to beware of; you should have water or milk together because it dries out your mouth.

Chocolate flavor is the most popular one. 


Wa (和, Japanese) Soy Bar - about 150 kcal (30g)
Wa Soy Bar has four flavors, and they are all made from Japanese foodstuffs, like matcha, azuki (red bean), kuro-goma (black sesame) and pumpkin. It’s a little bit of wagashi that you can eat quickly.

The packaging is pretty neat, right? 

Cranberry Cheese Cookie - about 180 kcal (40g)
This soft cookie bar is like cheesecake you can eat with one hand. Contains pieces of cranberry and walnut, and cheese powder makes it even more flavorful. If you love cheesecake, you would feel like you’re in heaven even if you are feeling a little naughty.


Which one would you like to try? Grab a candy bar, keep calm and study/work hard :D


By Mina@ZenPop

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