Why is Japanese stationery so good?

Why is Japanese stationery so good?

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Japanese stationery is renowned for being some of the best in the world. But why is that? What makes Japanese pens, paper, and notebooks so special? Some would say it's the high-quality materials used, while others might point to the attention to detail that goes into each piece. 

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the reasons why Japanese stationery is so popular and sought after by people all over the globe. 


Why Japan Has Good Stationery


Japanese Stationery


In Japan, there is a vast market for stationery, thus many businesses compete with one another to always develop fresh and better products. Japanese goods are well-known around the world for their top-notch quality and creative designs. Additionally, Japanese stationery is unmatched in terms of convenience.


Where can you buy Japanese stationery?


Japanese Stationery Store


Your favorite online store and supplies shop will most likely carry some Japanese stationery products. And in case you’re in Japan, you can visit stores like Tokyu Hands, Donki, Muji, and LoFt. Even the 100-yen stores (such as Daiso) and Japanese convenience stores carry some stationery items. You can find more details about where to buy stationery items in Japan here.


Why does Japan have the best stationery?


1. Japan’s Great Appreciation For Fine Writing Began in the Ancient Times


Japanese Calligraphy


Calligraphy has been around in Japan since the sixth century. In other words, fine writing is deeply rooted in the land of the rising sun’s culture and history. To the Japanese, handwriting is an art form. They are taught penmanship at a very young age.

As a result, they can easily appreciate calligraphy and other fine writing techniques. Japanese writing is extremely intricate, requiring the use of excellent writing tools. Therefore, it is no surprise that Japanese stationery companies place great importance on producing high-quality writing materials.

Furthermore, Japan has long been home to some of the most iconic professional and student artists in the world. From traditional sumi-e painting to modern manga, the country has a long history of appreciation for the beauty of art, which can be seen in its production of stationery. 


2. The Innovation and Creativity of Stationery Companies are Unmatched


Original Japanese Stationery Scissors

Pen-shaped scissors


The Japanese never run out of creative ideas. In fact, companies apply various science, engineering, and design concepts to their products. For example, these manufacturers are starting to evolve scissors, making them multifunctional and more efficient at cutting.  You can also get a number of different types of notebooks with different paper types designed for particular uses: from stationary specifically designed for left-handed people to fine sketch pads meant for illustrations. 

Stationery companies employ people dedicated to analyzing their products with intricacy to cater to the demands and needs of their customers. They always aim to create stationery items that are practical, useful, and beautiful. They leave no stone unturned when improving their products. In other words, even the cheapest kinds are excellently made. 

Japanese stationery companies understand the importance of design. Whether you're looking for vibrant colors, intricate patterns, or classic textures, it seems like there is something for everyone on the shelves in Japanese stores and online shops. 



ZenPop Stationery Box



3. Japanese Stationery Items are Made to Last For A Long Time


Japanese Notebooks


Japanese stationery tends to be exceptionally well-made with high-quality materials. Everything from pens to paper clips is built to last, so even basic items have an air of quality that makes them great gifts or collector's items. 

The pens, for example, feature smooth ink flow that minimizes scratching on paper and guaranteed quick-drying that allows you to take your notes anywhere. For pencils, every detail is carefully crafted to provide an incredibly enjoyable writing experience with a balanced blend of graphite strength and flexibility. 

When purchasing Japanese stationery items, you can be confident that they won't wear out too quickly; after all, they are designed to last year after year no matter how many times they're used! With stunning craftsmanship, reliable performance, and affordability, there's no wonder why Japanese stationery is so popular among writers of all skill levels.  ​​​​​​


4. Japanese Stationery Simply Looks Pretty


A video featuring cute Japanese stationery


Stationery companies in the land of the rising sun do not just ensure that their products are functional. They make it a point to add the “kawaii factor” as well. When you visit department stores that offer stationery, you’ll see tons of mechanical pencils, ball pens, markers, stamps, notebooks, paper, and erasers with cute designs and adorable patterns.

Designers combine pastel colors with unique figures and add cute characters that will make you squeal with delight because of their cuteness. You will even see writing products that you cannot find anywhere in the world. Indeed, the Japanese are excellent at making things unconventional yet practical.

Not all stationery is cute though. There are kinds that cater to people who want a minimalist design as well. They will typically have a classic aesthetic with uniform sleek lines and clean colors.


5. Japanese Stationery is Cheap


Affordable Japanese Stationery

Even 100-yen stores carry stationery


Japanese stationery tends to be quite affordable compared to similar items offered elsewhere. Some Japanese stationery tools are already being offered in different countries. Meaning, you can stock up on a variety of excellent writing tools without breaking the bank! 

But when purchasing special Japanese stationery items overseas, expect the prices to be higher. Some stores would even double the price! To get the most out of your budget for buying unique stationery, it’s important to search for the shop with the best deals. 

A subscription box service like ZenPop, which sources directly from Japanese suppliers, will also allow you to explore a variety of stationery items at a price you can surely afford. These are highly recommended for beginners who are still looking for the best options and items that suit their style.


Why is Japan famous for its stationery?


Japanese Zebra Pens

Japan has some of the best pens. Find the best Japanese pens here.


Aside from an appreciation for calligraphy and the arts, the Japanese also highly value quality products. In fact, stationery companies create these products with their customer in mind.

Manufacturers always take the time to hear about what consumers need, and they constantly innovate to please buyers. Plus, the stationery industry in Japan is a very tight competition. As a result, Japanese stationery companies always look for ways to improve their current product lineup and offer new ones to cater to customer demands.


The Bottom Line


Japan definitely has some of the best stationery products in the market today. They may just surprise you with how cool they look. You could just be dazzled by how amazing handmade paper looks in your projects. 

So if you're shopping for writing supplies, and you have yet to experience the excellence of Japanese stationery, we encourage you to try Japanese products out! You never know what hidden gems are waiting out there just for you. 

Happy writing!