Japanese Ramen Pack

Red Ramen River - October 2022

The sunsets are crimson red, making the Yodo river shine purple during those late summer evenings. It’s a show best enjoyed with a delicious set of instant ramen and friends. We can’t move Osaka’s Yodo river, but we can deliver you our best selection of ramen from Osaka, red like the river!

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Each ZenPop Ramen Pack will include:

  • At least 7 full-sized servings of Japanese Noodles, shipped direct from Japan!
  • The newest and most popular varieties of instant noodles
  • Limited edition, regional, and / or seasonal products
  • Favorite ramen types like tonkutsu, shoyu, and shio
  • Discover udon, soba, yakisoba, and more Japanese dishes
  • Every pack is a trip to Japan!
*Our Ramen Pack often contains meat products. Please check your local regulations, as we can not be responsible for any losses that may occur with importing food items.


What's inside a Ramen Box ?

ZenPop Ramen Pack

Ramen - One of Japan's greatest treasures! Ramen comes in a range of flavors including shoyu, shio, miso, and tonkotsu soups. Interesting regional varieties from across Japan are included.

ZenPop Ramen Pack

Udon - These hearty chewy noodles are a Japanese comfort food. Enjoy more than just ramen in our packs and experience the real Japanese taste of udon noodles.

ZenPop Ramen Pack

Yakisoba - This is a soupless grilled noodle dish covered with a sweet savory sauce and various toppings. Yakisoba noodles are the most filling item in our packs!

ZenPop Ramen Pack

Premium Noodles - We get to share a wide variety of premium Japanese instant noodles including limited editions, as well as seasonal and regional specialities! This isn't typical ramen by any means.

Shipping / Returns

Shipping methods: We currently ship our packs with ZenExpress, the Japan Post, and express carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS or ECMS. Shipping options will vary depending on the country and the pack. Please proceed to select your pack to see available options.

Delivery estimates: Express carriers usually delivery within a week, whereas the Japan Post or ZenExpress take 2 to 4 weeks.

Return policy: Should a pack be returned, we will contact you directly to offer solutions for you to receive your box.

Missing pack: Should a pack not be delivered a month after you received the shipping confirmation email, please reach out to us so that we can assist you and make sure you get your favorite box!

For more informations, please visit our FAQ or contact us


Do I need an account to order?

Yes, it is necessary to create an account. It will allow you to manage your delivery address, check the status of your order as well as retrieve the pack's tracking information.

How do subscriptions work?

You can choose the duration you want to be subscribed for, and if you want it to automatically renew or not. You'll then receive one new pack with exciting products from Japan on a monthly basis until your subscription ends!

Do I need to subscribe?

Yes, but it's possible to only make a one-time purchase by choosing a 1-month subscription and opting out of the automatic subscription renewal upon checkout.

What Our Clients Say

Great box. The first one I've ordered and I'm going to continue!!! A piece of Japan at home :) Thanks!!!
Claudine, France
Really good value and fun themed stationery that you won't find anywhere else! All the products and their relationship to Japanese culture are also explained, which makes the experience even more interesting.
Rae, Canada
I enjoyed it once again! The box arrived quickly, everything is very well packaged and what a pleasure to taste treats not found elsewhere! Matcha flavor, my favorite!
Elodie, France