July Packs Out Now

July Packs Out Now

Brand new July Packs out now!

Stationery - Olympic Dreams


ZenPop's Japanese Stationery Pack


It's the special collection we've all been dreaming of, and at long last, it's here! Our Unicorn Party Stationery Pack is full of pastel and sparkly items that you'll fall in love with. This month you'll get not one, but two beautifully illustrated washi tapes, as well as a memo pad, letter set, stickers, two unique writing tools and lots more. We hope this fun and magical theme makes you happy. Let's party together!

Your Unicorn Party Stationery Pack includes:

  1. Unicorn Memo Pad
  2. Unicorn Washi Tape (designer: Miki Takei)
  3. Unicorn Letter Set
  4. Unicorn Party Mechanical Pencil
  5. Pastel 'Manicure' Highlighter
  6. Drop Stickers
  7. Midori Cleaner Car
  8. Iwako Unicorn Eraser
  9. Watercolor Washi Tape (designer: Tomomi Kokubu)
  10. Kokuyo Beetle Soft Color Dual-Tip Highlighter

10 beautiful stationery products are included in your ZenPop Japanese Stationery subscription box.


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Ramen - Summer Nights (SOLD OUT)


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen Pack


As the days grow hotter and the nights longer, the streets of Japan come alive! Open air food stalls across the country are busy with customers in need of a quick and tasty meal. Summer festivals hurry to serve big steaming plates of fried noodles, and other popular matsuri fare, to the hungry crowds! For the first time ever, we’ve included two delicious yakisoba in our Summer Nights Ramen Pack to get you in a summery mood. Plus you'll enjoy a sampling of 5 other classic and unique dishes.

Your Summer Nights Japanese Ramen Pack includes:

  1. CupStar Cheese Shio Ramen - Tom & Jerry Limited Edition
  2. Tantanmen
  3. Menshokunin Shoyu Ramen
  4. Kitsune Udon
  5. Nissin Seafood Cup Noodle
  6. Mochichi Shio Yakisoba
  7. Ippeichan Yomise no Yakisoba

7 fresh and new full-sized Japanese noodle bowls are included in your ZenPop Japanese Ramen subscription box.

Sweets - Friday Vibes


ZenPop's Japanese Sweets Pack


Celebrate the end of the week (or any day!) with your favorite takeout in snack form - chicken wings, rich Japanese curry, or popular takoyaki (octopus balls). Now, it's time to watch a movie...don't forget the Caramel Corn, as well as Japan's favorite candy like Milky and Cream Collon. Wash it all down with some Kanpai Ramune, Champagne Cider Mochi or new Mintia Coffee mints. Do Friday night right with ZenPop's Friday Vibes Sweets Pack!

Your Friday Vibes Japanese Sweets Pack includes:

  1. Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wing Crisps
  2. Aji Curry
  3. Petit Edamame Umashio Chips
  4. Milky Candy
  5. Cream Collon - Adult Milk
  6. Mini Caramel Corn
  7. Premium Hi Chew - Lemon or Grape
  8. Fettuccine Gummies - Italian Peach
  9. Mintia Coffee
  10. Sour Surprise Gum - Grape or Peach
  11. Matcha Senbei
  12. Kanpai Ramune
  13. Shimi Choco Stick
  14. Champagne Cider Mochi
  15. Takoyaki-tei Puffs

15 different sweet and savory Japanese snacks are included in your ZenPop Sweets subscription box.


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Ramen + Sweets Mix - Summer Crunch (SOLD OUT)


ZenPop's Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack


Get ready for a hot and crunchy summer! In Japan, there are many ways to describe crunchy snack textures, like saku-sakukari-kari and lots more! Experience all the variations for yourself with this month's delicious Summer Crunch Mix Pack, including rich and cheesy crisps, Pretz's tasty crispy chicken sticks and lots more. Plus you'll enjoy two bowls of chewy noodles and some summery real-fruit gummies. Happy summer season snacking!

Your Summer Crunch Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack includes:

  1. Kitsune Udon
  2. Ippeichan Yomise no Yakisoba with Mustard Mayo
  3. Rich Cheddar Cheese Bits
  4. Kimura Shiosen Salted Crackers
  5. American Soft Fruits & Nuts Mini Cookies
  6. Pretz - Crispy Chicken
  7. Watermelon Gummies
  8. Kabaya Pure-ral Apple Gummies

2 full sized noodle dishes plus 6 sweet and savory snacks are included in your ZenPop Ramen + Sweets Mix subscription box.


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