ZenPop's October Packs Review

ZenPop's October Packs Review

What was in October's ZenPop subscription boxes?


Stationery - Kawaii Halloween



Halloween is right around the corner! The word for “cute” in Japanese is kawaii, as you probably already know. But did you know the word for “scary” is kowai. These words look and sound similar, and in Japan sometimes the line between cute and scary can get blurred. We hope this month’s pack of stationery inspires you to enjoy your own mix of cute and scary this Halloween season.

10 items, including 3 writing utensils.


  1. Hana-Obake Letter Set
  2. Hana-Obake Flat Case
  3. Halloween Washi Tape
  4. Yokai Block Memo Pad
  5. Obake Fusen
  6. Black Cat - Sarasa Clip
  7. Rushon Petite Pen
  8. Craft Fabric Pen
  9. Pastel Catr Eraser
  10. Jihanky Stickers

Our Kawaii Halloween Stationery Pack sold out, but you can find previous ZenPop Packs on ZenPlus.



Ramen - Southern Japan



We are taking a trip down to Kyushu, so invite your friends and sample the tastes of Southern Japan together! Try 3 varieties of Tonkotsu Ramen, the famous specialty of Fukuoka. Then enjoy 2 bowls of Chanpon, a regional noodle dish loaded with veggies from Nagasaki. Chanpon means mixing various things at once, and was a dish originally served at Chinese restaurants in the area. In Japan, we say “Autumn fills our bellies”. Try these delicious noodles and fill yours up.

7 bowls of authentic noodles direct from Japan.


  1. CupStar Tonkotsu Ramen
  2. Maru-uma Tonkotsu Ramen
  3. Hyoubanya Koku Tonkotsu
  4. Men Dining Chanpon
  5. Seimen Yasai Chanpon
  6. Sugomen Negi Miso Ramen
  7. Okonomiyaki Sauce Yakisoba


Overall, it was an adventure going through all the noodles. 7 ramen was perfect for the month...ZenPop was a great way to discover some new styles and brands. Now, I’m ready for my Japan trip, which is just a few days away. - Foodology


The Best Instant Noodle Hacks According to Ramen Lovers


Ramen + Sweets Mix - Character Snacks



This month’s pack is full of friendly fun! After you slurp up your 2 kinds of delicious noodles, enjoy an array of delightful snacks brought to you by a motley crew of cute Japanese characters like Rilakkuma, Mario, and perhaps you’ll even catch a Pokemon. Learn a little bit of Japanese with our funny laughing gummies in the shape of katakana characters. It’s okay to play with your food, so share with someone you like!

2 noodle dishes and 7 full size snacks included.


  1. Shin Chan Yakisona
  2. Yokohama Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen
  3. Curry Chocobi
  4. Baby Star Yakisoba
  5. Rilakkuma Senbei Share Pack
  6. Pokemon Chewing Cola Candy
  7. Anpanman Mini Ramune
  8. Candemina Laughing Gummies
  9. Super Mario Gummies

Our Character Snacks Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack sold out, but you can find previous ZenPop Packs on ZenPlus.


Sweets - Autumn Crunch


Watch ZenPop Sweets Pack Unboxing !zenpop from RogersBase on www.twitch.tv


Autumn is fast approaching. As we prepare to put on our sweaters and crunch through the fallen leaves, let’s enjoy this pack of delicious Japanese snacks. Enjoy a variety of rich flavored items like brown sugar sweet potato chips, white chocolate rusk, or pepper bacon pretzels. Also included this month is a DIY gummy kit! We hope all these crunchy munchies will put a smile on your face.

15 kinds of sweet and savory snacks included.


  • Brown Sugar Sweet Potato
  • Kabuki Age
  • Shimi Choco Corn Crisp
  • Cratz Pepper Bacon
  • Choco Chips Mini Cookies
  • Ginza White Chocolate Rusk
  • Ami Jaga Chicken Consome
  • Karikari Cheese Twists
  • Ninja Meshi Grape
  • Baby Marshmallows
  • Tabekko Doubutsu
  • Umaibo - Chicken Curry
  • Awa Ramune
  • DIY Deco Gummies
  • Wasabi Otsumami

Our Autumn Crunch Sweets Pack sold out, but you can find previous ZenPop Packs on ZenPlus.


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