Weird Cup Noodles in Japan

Weird Cup Noodles in Japan

As all of you know, Japan is fulled with delicious cup noodles. We can see and buy it every where in super market, convenience store, drug store and so on. However, among those delicious noodles, there are some weird flavors of them. Let’s find out some unique flavors of cup noodles which you may interested in.

To celebrate 50 years in business for the iconic chip brand Pringles, and 30 years for Japan’s instant noodle brand Super Cup, they collaborate to create two kinds of Pringles flavor cup noodles!! A mouthful of soft noodles followed by the crunch of the chip created a fantastic textural sensation that worked to enhance all the punchy flavors.

Sour Cream & Onion Pringles Yakisoba
This large serving of noodles is said to contain the same addictive and well-rounded blend of onion, garlic, sour cream and cheese flavors as the chips. Plus, the same Sour Cream and Onion flavor is also included in an additional seasoning sachet to give you an extra boost of chip flavor on your noodles.


The Yakisoba Pringles were included in November's Ramen Pack!


Jalapeño& Onnion Pringles Ramen
This one is said to contain a chicken broth base, garnished with potato and onion flavours, with the Pringles Jalapeño seasoning served in a separate spice packet so you can adjust the heat to your liking.

Pringles and Super Cup both have long history and big popularity. Try it and you will addicted by Potato chips flavor cup noodles!

QTTA means 食った, in English, “I ate enough”! This young brand from Maruchan has marked one year from its launch and now you have one to try. To spread its popularity to young generation, they invented ramen which recreate the flavor of two fast foods, hamburger nad fried chicken. Both flavor uses fragrant noodle which fried with lard. The noodles have good smoothness and rice-cake like feeling.

Hamburger QTTA has savory sour and cheesy soup. By adding some flavor of paty and mayonnaise, it will reminds you the taste of hamburger. It also uses onions as ingredients to add the flavor and crisp texture of it to make the noodles more “hamburger”.

Fried Chicken
Used some spices and flavor of fragrant smell of chicken in order to finish the soup as “fried chicken”. Moreover, included freezing dry fried chicken for the ingredients.


The fried chicken QTTA ramen will be inside December's Mix Pack.


Please look forward to more crazy flavors!!