Limited Edition

ZenPoop Box

Here’s a pack full of unko (うんこ). Japan has a fascination for poop, and we couldn’t resist sharing it with you in our Limited Edition ZenPoop Box. Poop pouches, poop stamps, poop tape, and much more poop. We also included toilet erasers, just in case it all gets too poopy!

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What's a ZenPop Limited Edition Pack?

  • New themes with different products regularly!
  • Only small runs of each limited edition pack are available
  • It's a surprise! No two packs are ever the same
  • No monthly subscription required


What's inside a Limited Edition Pack?

ZenPoop Pack

Unchi-kun Eraser - Cute & colorful toilet-shaped erasers! Be careful on how you approach so your fingers don't get dirty! They usually come in with a solid color combination, but one out six are transparent or even phosphorescent!

ZenPoop Pack

Unchi-san Pouch - Everyone needs a little stinky pouch to keep things together. This Unchi san Pouch is cute, and practical! It is large enough to fit some accessories like your cosmetics, or even a smaller lunchbox!

ZenPoop Pack

Hikaru Unchi-kun - Time for poop party! Turn off the lights, light up the poop and start dancing with those 光る うんち君! They come with 3 different lightning patterns, adjust it to whatever mood you’re in!

ZenPoop Pack

Putti Gorilla no Hanakuso - Not really poop, but kinda, just coming from another source: this is a small type of Gorilla snot. Those tiny nose-poops are Sweetened Black Soy Bean flavor (黒大豆の甘納豆) and delicious.

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How do subscriptions work?

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What Our Clients Say

It took about a month when I bought the package but that's normal since Corona season, I loved everything in the box.
Katie, USA
I enjoyed it once again! The box arrived quickly, everything is very well packaged and what a pleasure to taste treats not found elsewhere! Matcha flavor, my favorite!
Elodie, France
I had my first order, but not my last. :) I think that says a lot about the contents of the package!
Renata, USA