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🌶️ New Japanese Spice Pack Available Now!

Our new Limited Edition Pack is the perfect box for anyone looking to add a Japanese kick to their kitchen. And it makes a great gift! A delicious and simple way to experience some of the best spices Japan has to offer.

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Japanese Spice Pack

Are you ready to try out your culinary skills at Japanese cuisine? Together with our list of quick and easy Japanese recipes such as Gyoza, Gyudon or Oyakodon, you’ll find everything you need to spice your dinner up in this limited edition spice pack! From shichimi (七味唐辛子), the forever classic Japanese seven-flavor chili pepper, to yuzu kosho, the not so secret any more condiment some Chefs are using everywhere. Tickle your senses with ZenPop’s limited edition Japanese Spice Pack, and treat yourself to:

  • Pocket Shichimi
  • Yawataya Isogoro Ramen Shichimi
  • Pickled Shoga
  • And more spices and seasonings to try!

Full product descriptions, cooking instructions and main allergens are included with your pack (in English only).

*The photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual products may vary.

In this Limited Edition Pack

Enjoy a variety of unique spices and seasonings to give your cooking an authentic Japanese kick.

Pocket Shichimi

Shichi-mi tōgarashi (七味唐辛子, seven-flavor chili pepper), which you may know just as shichimi, is a common Japanese spice mix that contains seven ingredients, if it wasn’t obvious from the name.

A typical blend may contain:

  • coarsely ground red chili pepper (the main ingredient)
  • ground sanshō (Japanese pepper)
  • roasted orange peel (chenpi)
  • black sesame seed
  • white sesame seed
  • ground ginger
  • nori or aonori (types of seaweed)
  • poppy seed

What do use your shichimi with? That’s an easy question to answer: it goes well with miso-flavored ramen, oyakodon, udon, soba or even avocado Toast!

ZenPop Sencha - Limited edition Tea Pack ZenPop Sencha - Limited edition Tea Pack

Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho: the not so secret any more condiment some Chefs are putting on everything. Yuzu kosho is a paste condiment from Japan made from fresh chiles with salt, zest and juice from yuzu, or more specifically ao yuzu (青柚子) —  Baby Yuzu before it turns yellow, a fragrant citrus fruit that grows in East Asia.

The three flavors of chiles, citrus, and salt come together in a powerful and distinctive way that gives a dish a new dimension. It can be used with anything from sashimi, as a topping for braised short ribs and _yakitori, _or added to soup stock to deliver a refreshing and spicy new dimension!

ZenPop Hojicha - Limited edition Tea Pack ZenPop Hojicha - Limited edition Tea Pack

Torio Furikake - 3 flavors

Furikake is a blend of dried seasonings and spices, most commonly added as a topping to plain rice.

Because Furikake is so good, we’ve included one item that comes with triple the pleasure. After all, since 1959, Japan’s National Furikake Association delights us by certifying the best of the best to their lineup of officially recognized furikake. I kid you not. It’s a perfect seasoning for baked or fried fish, or raw fish salads.

This bag contains 3 different types of furikake for you to give your palate a nice experience with every chopstick-grab of rice! It’s also commonly known as the Noritama Trio, and of course, it’s a limited edition item that we got just for you on this limited edition spice box!

ZenPop Genmaicha - Limited edition Tea Pack ZenPop Sencha - Limited edition Tea Pack



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