Limited Edition

Kawaii & Co.

Ready for ZenPop’s first-ever Kawaii pack featuring some of the most popular kawaii characters from Japan? Your bundle of kawaii friends are all ready to cheer you on and keep you company as you get through and organize your day!


Special Plushy Rilakkuma/ Korilakkuma from San X

Ready for some snuggling time? Open up your box and be greeted by either Rilakkuma wearing a Ferret costume or Korilakkuma in Chinchilla costume: how can anything be more Kawaii than this? With San X and its Rilakkuma, the relaxed bear (リラックマ) and his partner Korilakkuma (コリラックマ) have always and will always be about the cuteness. They might be the most iconic characters of Kawaii culture in Japan, and this series brings you some extra soft plushies with a bell inside! Shake it and you’ll hear the gentle ring.


Sentimental Circus Putti Towel from San X

This towel (タオル) will bring some additional cuteness to your morning grooming routine! Sentimental Circus (センチメンタルサーカス) is quite a unique series of characters for San X and meant to bright the forgotten toys of our childhood back into the spotlight! The main character is Shappo, an abandoned stuffed animal. The circus was formed by stuffed animals that were forgotten on street corners and in the corners of rooms from grown up children. They sneak out at night to perform their mysterious show. If you have a forgotten plushy lying around, maybe give it some thought and find a way to give it a new life! There is always a child that needs a new companion!


Sanrio Potekoro Mascot from Max Limited

Cute Sanrio mascots (サンリオぽてコロマスコット)? We couldn’t pass on those! Those little plushies come with an extra portion of Kawaii-ness and will fit perfectly on any shelf, or bed, or wherever you like to display your plushy collection. How many Sanrio characters do you already have, any favorites?


Sanrio Mini Memo from Max Limited

More Sanrio to Kawaii-fy your life! Take quick notes for school or work with this adorable Sanrio mini memos (サンリオミニメモ), featuring one of the 6 lovable Sanrio characters in your box: Kuromi, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, Pochacco, or Hangyodon! They are small and portable, so you can carry them easily to write anyone you appreciate a “Thank You” note too! Each memo pad comes with 2 vertical designs for writing, one with free writing space and another with writing lines! Which character will you get?


Sumikko gurashi Clear File from San X

Sumikko Gurashi (すみっコぐらし) is an icon in Japan and gaining more fans abroad in recent years! We just couldn’t resist including one of its items and making sure that it's both functional and irresistibly cute that makes you want to carry it around with you. Now you can keep your papers organized with these super cute Sumikko Gurashi clear file holder(クリアホルダー)! It comes in A4 size, so you can put away your paper documents while making sure they look kawaii from outside!


Rilakkuma Baby Theme Stickers from San X

Kawaii stickers for the kawaii lifestyle we’re all after. Here’s an original sticker set featuring Baby Rilakkumas in rabbit motifs in pretty pastel pink or blue! Baby Rilakkuma is a sweet reminder of those carefree days with friends. This adorable collection of stickers are perfect for your notebooks, folders, or scrapbooks!