Limited Edition

Shinada Global Collaboration

Are you all for cuddly plushies? If so, this box is your fluffy dream come true! We've joined forces with Shinada Global to craft an oh-so-adorable, one-of-a-kind Kawauso (otter) plushy, donning an enchanting Sakura pattern—exclusively available in our box! Brimming with a delightful assortment of snacks and a cheeky little surprise, this irresistibly cute box is one you simply can't afford to pass up!


ZenPop x Shinada Global Original Sakura Mochi Kawauso

Get ready to meet your new cuddly companion - the limited edition Otter (kawauso) plushy with a gorgeous sakura pattern! This cutie is the result of our exciting collaboration with Shinada Global and is only available in our special box. Not only is this plushy super adorable, but it's also incredibly soft and huggable - you won't be able to resist squeezing it tight! And with its mochimochi (モチモチ) texture, it's the perfect stress reliever to have by your side when you need a little comfort. Plus, this Otter plushy is the ultimate addition to any collection. Whether you're a fan of cute critters or simply love sakura patterns, this little guy is a must-have. But don't wait too long - this limited edition Otter plushy won't be around forever! So grab yours now and get ready to snuggle up with the cutest stress reliever around.


Mochi Kawauso mini Banana

Looking for a cute and cuddly companion that you can take with you wherever you go? Look no further than our adorable little Otter plushy! Don't let its size fool you - this little guy is just as fluffy and mochimochi (モチモチ) as the other one we have for you in your box. And with its portable size, you can take it with you wherever you go - whether it's in your bag, on your desk, or snuggled up right next to your pillow. But that's not all - when you grab this Otter plushy, you'll also get to enjoy some delicious snacks straight from Japan! It's the perfect combination of cute and tasty. And with the quality of Shinada Global's plushy, you know you're getting a product that's built to last.


Tabekko Suizokukan from Ginbis

Allergens: wheat, dairy, sesame, pork, soy Welcome to the wonderful world of Tabekko Animal Series! Get ready to dive into the delicious depths of the ocean with our Tabekko Aquarium - the ultimate treat for all marine life lovers! Inside each pack, you'll find a treasure trove of 47 cute sea creature-shaped biscuits, all soaked in rich, creamy chocolate using our special impregnation method. That's right, the chocolate is infused right into the biscuit for a taste sensation that's out of this world! Not only do these treats taste amazing, but they're also packed with calcium for a healthy snacking experience. And because the chocolate is inside the biscuit, you get to enjoy the delightful texture of the dough and the smooth, melting chocolate all at once. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pack of Tabekko Aquarium and discover the delicious creatures that await you in every bite! (Please note: the number of shapes may vary, but we promise they'll all be just as cute and tasty!)


Kappa Ebisen from Calbee

Allergens: wheat, shrimp Processed in a facility that also processes egg, dairy, and shrimp Brace yourself for a taste explosion that'll have you shouting ""I can't stop, I can't stop"" with every bite! What's their secret? They use whole wild shrimp with shell to give you a flavor and texture that's impossible to resist. And as if that wasn't enough, they've added calcium for an extra boost of goodness. But what really sets Kappa Ebisen apart is their variety of mouthwatering flavors. From savory to sweet, they've got something for everyone. And with the crispy texture, you'll be addicted from the first bite. So whether you're a seafood lover or just looking for a tasty snack, Kappa Ebisen has got you covered. Get ready to experience the taste sensation that'll have you hooked for life!


Heart Fantasy S from Takara

Processed in a facility that also processes peanuts, wheat, and soy Get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth with Hear Fantasy S - the ultimate candy on a stick straight from Japan! With three delicious flavors of which you'll get one - melon, grape, and soda - you'll never be bored of these lollipops. Indulge in the juicy sweetness of melon, the fruity burst of strawberry, or the tangy zing of soda. Each lick will transport you to a world of pure candy bliss! And with Takara Fantasy S, you don't just get great taste - you also get a fun and convenient way to enjoy your candy. Simply pop it on a stick and you're good to go! So if you're looking for a sweet treat that's both tasty and fun, look no further than Takara Fantasy S. Your taste buds will thank you!