How to Make Your Desk Kawaii?

How to Make Your Desk Kawaii?

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Kawaii is more than just a style and aesthetic –– it’s a way of life for many people around the world who are into cuteness and creativity! 

If you're a die-hard kawaii fan who loves everything from pastel tones to adorable characters, then why not take it one step further and give your desk a makeover that will show off your personality while keeping you organized too? 

From washi tape to stationery and all sorts of knick-knacks in between, we'll be exploring how you can easily turn dull surfaces into an explosion of color guaranteed to bring some positivity and fun into your day. 

So get ready, because with these tips on how to make your desk kawaii, it's going to look like something out of the pages of the Sanrio catalog in no time!


The Kawaii Aesthetic


Kawaii Room

A kawaii room


The Japanese cute aesthetic comes from the word kawaii (可愛い or かわいい) which means different things in the land of the rising sun. It can be adorable, cute, or tiny. But when you think about it, it all boils down to the word “cute.”

The kawaii style incorporates cartoonish lines, rounded shapes, and pastel colors. Every kawaii art and merchandise gives off an essence of childlikeness and innocence. So it’s no wonder why it attracts the young and young at heart.

Kawaii is often seen in anime, manga, and Japanese franchises. The aesthetic is typically associated with the world’s most popular Sanrio character, Hello Kitty. You will mostly see her in a lot of kawaii merchandise around the world. And it’s likely you’ll purchase Hello Kitty items for your cute desk too!


What You Need For Your Kawaii Desk Makeover


Are you planning for that total workspace makeover? Maybe you’re planning to stream and you want a fresh and adorable setup. Time to transform your space into a bright and cute desk! Here’s a quick guide on how to achieve a kawaii workspace.


Choose Your Desk


You can’t just use any computer desk when making the space kawaii. The color of the desk needs to fit your theme!
Typically, people who are planning for a kawaii desk makeover use a white or pastel-colored desk. But if you still want to use your old desk, you might want to repaint it. 

Washi tapes are also a genius way to give your desk a makeover. If you don’t want the messy work that comes along with painting furniture, give washi tapes a go.


Kawaii Desk with Washi Tape

Desk designed with washi tapes


If you’re buying a new one, go for standing desks. Studies revealed that these desks can improve one’s energy levels and mood because it allows you to work while sitting and standing. Combine these benefits with the warm and happy kawaii aesthetic, and you’ll be on your way to creating a workspace that excites and invigorates you!

If you need more creative ideas on how to use your Washi Tape, we've got you covered with 20 creative washi tape ideas.


Kawaii Pink Desk


Standing desks have color schemes to match the kawaii aesthetic.


Pick Kawaii Colors


When you think of kawaii, pink is the first color you’ll remember. But not all people want it as the dominating color. So choose a pastel color that fits your style and personality. You don’t have to stick to one color. You can go with a group of colors that complement each other.

You can use online palette generators to give you ideas on matching colors. Another excellent option is to get inspiration from existing kawaii characters.

Let’s take Tuxedo Sam as an example.


Tuxedo Sam


His colors include blue, white, yellow, and pink. So if you want a Tuxedo Sam-themed desk, most items in your space will be dominated by pastel blue and white. It will also have yellow items with minimal pink accents.

While pastel colors are dominant in kawaii-themed desks, you don’t have to pick them. For example, if you want a Totoro-themed desk, why not use nature-themed colors and fill the desk with Totoro-inspired designs?


Plan Your Purchases and Layout


Kawaii Goods Store


Let’s face it. A kawaii desk makeover isn’t cheap. So it’s always best to maximize your budget. You can achieve this when you plan your every purchase and the placement of the kawaii items you’ll get.

Research is key during the planning stage. People have already tried the kawaii-style desk, so take a look at pictures over at Google and Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration. Then plot the items that you plan to place on your desk. 

It will definitely have some kawaii decorations and kawaii-themed office accessories. If you want particular characters on your desk, you also have to look for stores and online shops that sell them.

Once your layout is complete, and you’ve listed down all the items, it’s time to purchase them.


Let the Kawaii Makeover Begin!



You have all the accessories and decorations you need. Start the makeover and don’t forget to have fun! Don’t stress if you need to make changes to your layout. The most important thing is to place all the elements according to your lifestyle and activities. Spice it up by adding personality to your kawaii desk.

After some time, and you feel that something isn’t working, just make the changes you feel are necessary.


The Best Kawaii Desk Accessories


Cable Protectors 


Kawaii Cable Protector


Cables for our laptops, PCs, and smartphones are typically on our desks. So turn those plain white cables into adorable accessories on your desk. It’s a functional way to add cuteness to your gadget accessories.



ZenPop Stationery Box


Pastel Colored Desk Organizers


Kawaii Desk Organizers


We all want quick access to our pens, sheets of paper, notebooks, books, pencils, and other stationery items. So desk organizers will always come in handy. Consider the size of your desk and the color scheme before you purchase one. Go for stack organizers, so you can maximize your space.


Kawaii Desk Stands


Kawaii Desk Stand


There are different stands you can purchase for your desk. Whether you have headphones or you want your phone and tablet facing you as you work, all you need is a quick search in your favorite online store. If you are using typical desks (without height adjustments), purchase a pastel-colored laptop stand so you can comfortably look at your screen.


Japanese Stationery


Kawaii Japanese Stationery


If you’re going for kawaii, you might as well get products from the land of the rising sun. Japan has so much to offer when it comes to everything kawaii. From adorable writing instruments, colorful notebooks, charming calendars, and cute notepads, there’s so much variety and tons of quality products. As always, you can choose items that will suit your color scheme.


This is where we've got you covered. Check out our Japanese Stationery Box delivered to your home with the best goodies from Japan.


Bluetooth Speakers


Kawaii Bluetooth Speaker


This is an excellent add-on for anyone who plays games, listens to music while they work, or watches movies and series via streaming services. There are tons of kawaii portable speakers in a variety of colors. But before you buy, check if they have good sound quality by looking at reviews.


Desk Lamp


Kawaii Desk Lamp


It’s always great to have a desk lamp you can use for studying, drawing, reading, and more. It’s great for your eye health, especially if your task involves intricate details. Different colors will always be offered by shops to suit your kawaii desk.


Kawaii Desk Inspirations


Clueless about how to start? Take a look at a few kawaii desk pictures we’ve compiled for inspiration.


Kawaii Desk Inspiration


When your desk has cabinets, add simple kawaii items on top of your desk.


Kawaii Desk for Digital Artist


A simple setup for digital artists


Kawaii Desk for Gamers


Kawaii desk for gamers


Kawaii Pastel Colored Desk


Pastel-themed desk.


And there you go, this is how you can make your dream desk set-up at home with a lovely and cute kawaii theme! If you need some help to get started, we can supply you with some of the best Japanese stationery!


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