Arigatai Pack - Released in June 2018

Arigatai Pack - Released in June 2018


“Arigatai" is a Japanese word used to convey gratitude. Arigatai pack in June contains items you can use to share and show others that you care!


Very first item to express “Arigatai” feeling to others is Thank you Washi Tape. Thank you is ありがとう (Arigato) in Japanese. This washi tape has both Arigato and Thank you on it. Therefore, it is perfect to put on to the letters or present to express gratitude!!

Another item you can use to show “Thank you” to your friends or family members is this cute Bunny Paper Pack from AIUEO!! Fold the ears of it and tie it with the fastener to make a bunny. This paper pack has a gusset so you can put many things than you expect. Why don’t you give a small present with this bunny-chan?

We made a tutorial on Instagram to show you the steps to make your little paper bunny:


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Next, we had Chiyogami paper. Chiyogami is Japanese traditional paper which made of Washi, Japanese paper. Many of you have heard about Origami (folding paper), but Chiyogami is bit different. The biggest difference is that Chiyogami has many patterns and designs on it. You can make paper craft or decorate crafted products with this Chiyogami!

Another Japanese traditional thing we included in June pack was Negai Ema Sticky Notes. Ema is a votive picture tablet which we offer to a shrine or temple when we pray for something or after the wish we made came true. In Japan, people were dedicating a living horse in 17th century. After that, people began to write a picture of a horse to the table, and this is the start of Ema (E=絵 which means picture and Ma=馬 which means a horse). Write a wish or messages to make your wish come true!

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Don’t want to other people know your wishes? Then, write it on this One Piece Key Notebook or paste the ema sticky note with your wish on this. This notebook has a key to lock it, so no one can see your wishes:) Also, it would be good to write something you want to keep secret.

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To decorate the notebook, highlighter is necessary!! The highlighter we had in June pack is  called “Just Fit”, from ZEBRA. ZEBRA uses a soft material for the tip, so it will bends very easily. Therefore, you can draw beautiful parallel lines without any concerns.


Moreover, colorful washi tape is needed for decoration, right? Irodori Washi Tape has design of water color, which has light and shade of color. Therefore, you can enjoy the beautiful color like you use the water color for painting.


To show “Arigatai” feeling, writing a letter will definitely wonderful! Cute polar bear with panda suit are drawn in this KIGURU・ME Letter Set.

Also, Present Mini Cards is cute enough to paste on the letter not only for writing a message but also putting photo on the card. Everyone who receive this present cards from you will feel very exciting when they open the cards!!

To write letters or cards, we need this Jet Stream Gel Ink Pen. This is the first Jet Stream color ink pen in ZenPop stationery pack! Jet Stream have an extremely light and smooth feel of writing regardless how fast or strong you write. Moreover, it has excellent drying property of the drawn lines.

After you finish writing the letter, the last thing you have to do sealing an envelope with Petta-to Marker. “Petta to” is one of the mimetic word in Japanese we use when we paste something. This is a marker type glue, which you can put a glue just like writing with a marker pen.

At the last, we include Summer Stickers because it is almost here!! Summer in Japan is known as “humid and hot”, and it is totally true. However, there are many fun things in the summer, such as summer festivals and fireworks. Decorate our schedule book or bullet journals with this fancy stickers and feel the summer!

For subscribers, there is one more! Bonus item in June pack was Summiko Gurashi Stamp from San-X!! Summiko Gurashi is one of the most popular character among girls. Hope you like your stamp:)

How was all the items in June “Arigatai” Pack? What was your favorite one?

If you haven’t try ZenPop stationery pack, are there any items which you want to get?

ZenPop stationery pack always have cute and useful items in it, so please looking forward to see what will be in the next pack!!


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