Lucky Cat Pack  - Released in April 2018

Lucky Cat Pack - Released in April 2018

Did you know that cats are becoming more popular in Japan? In fact, the number of owned cats are more than its number of dogs! Furthermore, in Japan, it is considered that cats can bring good luck. This shows that Japanese people loves cats😻

Keep reading, check what was in our April stationery pack and learn a little about cats in Japan!!


  1. Maneki-neko Eraser

Maneki-neko (招き猫, literally “beckoning cat”) is a Japanese figure, which is often believed to bring good luck. It is usually made of clay, and you can found Maneki-neko in restaurants and shops in Japan. This is because it is also believed to draw visitors and customers.

  1. Uni Signo Gel Pen

This is one of the pen which is popular among the stationery lovers, and well known for its smooth flowing ink and its writing performance. The feature of this Signo pen is its “pigmented ink”. Pigmented ink is very strong against the water and ultraviolet lights.

    3. Uni ProMark View Highlighter

This Promark View highlighter has super cool transparent window on its tip allows you to see where you're highlighting! You will no longer accidentally highlight the beginning of a sentence that isn't highlight-worthy. The cap can be pulled off or comes off even more easily with a slight twist.

  1. SAKURA Decorese (Glitter Gel Pen)

3D gel ballpoint pen which you can decorate on message card, plastic, glass and metal! Have you ever experience writing lines rising with lame color, and easily draw handwriting puff? Try this one;)

  1. GOHAN NEKO Sticker

Neko turns to Gohan (food/meal) !? Well, in this sticker, cats are collaborating with many Japanese food. Cats have turned to a lot of kinds of Japanese food, such as Japanese curry, rice balls, sushi, ramen and more!

  1. NEKO WORK Sticker

Cats are usually relaxing or sleeping, and seems they are doing nothing in their daily life. However, it seems there are cats who are working as you can see on this sticker. They work as business man, idol, farmer, and even as Sumo wrestler!

  1. Cat’s Paws Stick Marker

Cat’s paws are one of charming point of cat. These self-adhesive cat paws are made to make you smile. They’re super cute way to write down your thoughts and ideas, in a place you certainly find again. A practical and adorable sticky note including different color of cat paws are perfect for cat lovers and enthusiasts.

  1. Maneki-neko Message Memo

Generally, it is said that if the Maneki-neko raise right hand, it will bring you “money”, and if it raise left hand, it will bring you “people”. Moreover, white Maneki-neko is the normal one which bring you luck, and the black one “protect from harm”. In Japan, people believe that black cats have magical power and they will protect from harm or bad things with that.

  1. MANET Washi tape -Sakura&Cat-

Japanese people started to own cats in 8th century as beneficial animals which can protect important books from rats. This means Japanese people have been living with cats for long time and now, the number of cats owned in Japan is more than the number of owned dogs!

  1. Calico Cat Washi Tape

Calico cat, which have three colors (white, brown, and black) on its hair, is called “Mike-neko (三毛猫)” in Japanese. Mike-neko is very popular in Japan, but it is rare in other countries.

  1. NIRAMEKKO Ring Memo

Do you know what “Nirammeko” is? It is one of the Japanese traditional game for children. Nirammeko works like this. First, you have to face each other with someone else. Next, count “3,2,1” and make funny face to each other. People who laugh earlier will be the loser. This is very simple game, but once you try it, you can know how fun it is!

  1. Sanrio Clip

Cute and useful clip from Sanrio!!  You can hold up to 70 piece of paper with this clip. You will get either Hello Kitty clip or Gude-tama clip. As you may know, Hello Kitty is a cute and kind kitten girl, and Gude-tama is very lazy egg! Enjoy your day with Kitty or Gede-tama:)

  1. Goro-Goro Nyansuke SARASA Clip Pen (BONUS)

This SARASA is not a normal SARASA clip pen. It has designed “Goro-Goro Nyansuke” on the body of it:) “Goro-Goro” express people or animals who is lying (awake) but not doing anything useful and wasting time.


Everything is practical and useful in your everyday life. Please enjoy Japanese stationery with ZenPop.


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