Chocolate Expo in Osaka 2018

Chocolate Expo in Osaka 2018

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Women’s festival - Valentine Chocolate Expo

Chocolate Expo at Hankyu department store in Umeda, Osaka is said the biggest Valentine's’ day shopping place in Japan, 2018. Reportedly, the chocolate expo sold 2 billion yen during a little less month. True to the name of the expo, there’s exhibitions and a touch of amusement park rather than just a shopping spot. The expo is held on the entire 9th floor of the massive department store from January 24th to the day of Valentine. The expo is consisted by 5 different themed pavilions, the cacao world, chocolate wonderland, domestic chocolates, oversea chocolates, liqueur chocolates. The exhibits in the cacao world section are the first attempt for Hankyu and specifically designed for people to feel and learn about cacao and places of origin. Not only buying chocolates, the expo is being a great opportunity for people to learn the characteristic of chocolate from different regions. Delicious and unique chocolates from the world are selected by a passionate chocolate sommelier, Kanako Satsutani, for this special event. Chocolate wonderland area has a huge merry go round which will make a perfect background for Instagram pictures. In the wonderland, Kawaii animal chocolates are available as well as other pretty-looking chocolates.

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One thing women at the expo in common is that they have a guidebook. The book features detailed descriptions and beautiful pictures of chocolates from over 300 brands that are all available at the expo. A part of their enjoyment is to check it beforehand and plan out the shopping route to prepare for the day. Because every shop at the expo is on a first come first serve policy. Top 2 chocolate brands at the expo quickly sold out the products after a few hours on the first day of the expo.

The guidebook is for free but has 216 pages featuring chocolates and shops. 

At the expo, it is said to be common to buy 4 kinds of chocolate: family, friends, boyfriend or husband, and herself. Traditionally, on Valentine’s day in Japan, women hand chocolate and confess her feeling to a man who she has a crush on. Unlike before, Hankyu chocolate expo has become a huge social phenomenon over a few years. The festive event has made Valentine’s custom between couples more enjoyable for family and friends as Hankyu’s purpose to introduce an approach to the new value of chocolate and the way of enjoying it. There’s no doubt it has led Valentine’s practice in Japan more diverse than ever. Women are eager to enjoy eye-pleasant and tasty chocolates as well as experience the expo.  

Happy Valentine's day💓