2 Must-have Items for Studying!!

2 Must-have Items for Studying!!

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If you just landed this page while searching for the best and easiest ways to get ready for your next exams, it’s the right page to come!
In Japan, lots of students are struggling with 'rote learning' because it is super competitive to get into their ideal high schools and colleges.
Japanese stationery companies have been trying to help them, and created various types of study tools.
Today, I'd like to introduce two of them!

1. Green marker, orange pen, and red sheet
These three items are the essential set for memorizing.
I used this set a lot when I was studying for exams, especially for history tests in high school.
When you take a note in classes, write keywords with an orange pen.
When you review after class, just put a transparent red sheet on your notebook page, and it hides the keywords!
Also, green and red are complimentary color.
So if you highlight words written in black with a green pen and cover it with a red sheet, the word under green will be hidden and you can self-check if you’ve already remembered that word or not.


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Sticky Films
This is a super helpful method especially when you study foreign languages.
No matter how you study grammar, you cannot speak a new language without knowing proper words, right?
When Japanese students study English, they build vocabulary with a vocabulary book.
Usually, the book consist of 5-6 English words per page with Japanese meanings next to it.
Those Japanese meanings are written in orange, so you can hide Japanese part with a red sheet and test yourself to remember new words.
And if you don’t know the word, just put a strip of this film sticker and mark it.
After you finish the section, go back to the beginning and check words that you marked.
This way, you can save your time because the words you didn’t mark are the ones that you already knew.
So you can focus on new words!

how to use film sticky notes


These two are pretty common ways to study in Japan.
Not only students but also those who study for their national exams or promotion exams use this these methods to cram new knowledge.
If any exams are coming up to you, how about trying these useful items?
We have included both of the items in previous stationery packs!


This is a hashtag used by high school students who are studying for the entrance exams of college next year.
‘9900’ means that those students were born in 1999 or 2000, which means they are in the 12th grade.
The hashtag #9900students features pictures of students’ study life such as their stationery items and snack they eat while studying.
If you are interested in how Japanese students study or what stationery items they love to use, check out this hashtag!
J.K. (a.k.a. Joshi Kousei which means high school girls in Japanese) will tell you their favorite pens and methods to study.
It seems to be actually a big community among high school girls.
They exchange the information about their recommendation of books and pens and other stuff.
Although most of them are written in Japanese, you can enjoy stationery photos a lot!


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