Made with ZenPop: Monthly Stationery Challenge

Made with ZenPop: Monthly Stationery Challenge

Welcome to our monthly Made with ZenPop Stationery Challenge!

Get creative with your ZenPop stationery supplies for your chance to win.

There's a ZenPop pack (of your choice) up for grabs, every month!

How to Enter

  1. Use your ZenPop stationery (from our current or previous packs) to decorate your planner, bullet journal, study notes or anything!
  2. Snap a photo of your art and share it on Instagram with hashtags #madewithzenpop and #zenpopjapan
  3. Make sure you're following @zenpopjapan

Current Pack

While there is no monthly theme for the challenge, feel free to be inspired by our current Japanese stationery subscription box: Halloween Cuties


ZenPop's Japanese Stationery Subscription Box


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Made with ZenPop Monthly Winners


July's Made with ZenPop WinnerJuly's Winner: @riinatrina | Made with Summer Festival Stationery Pack (available on ZenPlus)


July's Made with ZenPop Winner
July's Winner: @springlockrabbit | Made with Unicorn Party Stationery Pack (available on ZenPlus)


July's Made with ZenPop Winner
July's Winner: @kawaii_tash | Made with Crafty Cats Stationery Pack (available on ZenPlus)


May's Made with ZenPop WinnerMay's Winner: @mondi.bujo


April's Made with ZenPop WinnerApril's Winner: @itsudesuh


March's Made with ZenPop WinnerMarch's Winner: @invokeartsense


February's Made with ZenPop WinnerFebruary's Winner: @lapralinerose


January's Made with ZenPop Winner
January's Winner: @fashion_liar


December's Made with ZenPop WinnerDecember's Winner: @amanda.journal


Made with ZenPop: November WinnerNovember's Winner: @shiryostudies


Made with ZenPop: October WinnerOctober's Winner: @chato_gakusei


Made with ZenPop: September Winner
September's Winner: @marbiil


Made with ZenPop: August Winner
August's Winner: @celineonmejournal


Terms and Conditions

All active and inactive ZenPop Stationery Pack subscribers can participate. Your contribution must include at least one item from a ZenPop Stationery Pack. The winner will be randomly selected on the 1st of every month from the contributions posted in the previous month. We may share your Made with ZenPop post on our website and social media accounts. If you do not give us permission to re-post, please mention it in your post. The winner will be announced on Instagram, as well as this blog post.


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