Top 8 Stationery Picks From LOFT in 2024

Top 8 Stationery Picks From LOFT in 2024

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Chances are, you’ll come across a LOFT store when you visit Japan. LOFT is a household goods Japanese chain store with over 100 branches in the country. It is an excellent destination for tourists to get the best Japanese stationery deals because they stock so many products that you may end up buying a lot more than you originally planned to. If you plan to visit Japan in 2024, knowing the top picks from LOFT will help you shop smartly. 

Loft has products for students, professionals, children, and artists. What makes them unique is how their items are displayed; products are color-coded and stocked up so you truly feel like you have unlimited options. It’s easy to get distracted when you get to LOFT, so in this article, we'll cover the top 8 stationery picks from LOFT.




Loft Sticky Notes


LOFT stocks an array of cool sticky notes that are probably unlike anything you’ve seen before. Their decorative planner stickers can be used to personalize their planners, journals, or bullet journals and planners. These sticky notes range from large to small stickers that are useful for indexes, headers, and note-taking. Additionally, LOFT understands the importance of catering to younger stationery lovers, so there is also a selection of fun and educational kids' sticky notes featuring everything from animals to shapes and numbers. Also, there are even anime character sticky notes!




Loft Pen Display


If there is one product that LOFT does not mess around with, it is pens. For those who appreciate the art of writing, LOFT's 2023 stationery collection offers premium pens and writing instruments that are a joy to use. Loft will stock a line of pens like the PILOT FRIXION ERASABLE PEN series in every color and tip size. The best part is that the display is color-coded and neat, so it will not trigger any OCD tendencies.

Of course, LOFT also has sleek fountain pens to smooth gel ink pens, but don’t miss out on this erasable pen display. The weight and balance of the pens make them perfect for long writing sessions, but it’s the fact that it is erasable that truly makes it a masterpiece.




Loft Office File Holder and Bags


If you are an office worker, you should definitely check out LOFT’s folder and bags aisle. They offer large, expanding file folders that can accommodate a large volume of documents or receipts, ensuring your important papers are well-organized. For those who want an organized and color-coded filing system, LOFT stocks colored file folders that can help you categorize your documents using fun colors that can brighten up your workspace while keeping your documents in order.




Loft Notebooks and Planners


Did you know that Japan is known for having some of the best-quality notebooks in the world? Companies like Midori, Stalogy, and Kokuyo make amazing high-quality notebooks that are lightweight but still thick enough to handle fountain pens. LOFT's collection of elegant notebooks and planners for 2023 should definitely be on your list when you visit the store. Whether you prefer a classic leather-bound journal or a colorful and modern planner, their stationery range has a variety of designs to suit your taste. 




Loft Washi Tape Collection


Washi tapes are one of the most versatile stationery in the world. It does its original job as an adhesive, but because of the patterns on the tape, you can use it to decorate your furniture, recycle old items in your house, and upgrade your bullet journal. Buying washi tape can be frustrating because you may not see a wide range of designs, but LOFT's washi tape selection has all the patterns that you could possibly need. With options ranging from floral to geometric washi tape, LOFT offers a variety of patterns and colors that’ll have you grabbing everything on sight.




Loft Adorable Erasers


LOFT's collection of erasers comes in many shapes and sizes. There is a stand for IWAKO erasers, which is a brand known for creating cute Japanese erasers in the shape of animals, cars, or even food. Of course, you can still get the classic white erasers that are good at erasing pencil marks cleanly without smudging or leaving residue. However, LOFT stocks stylish and functional eraser sets as well. These sets often come in attractive packaging and offer different types of erasers, like pencil toppers, pen-style erasers, or retractable erasers. 




Loft Stickers


LOFT's collection of kawaii stickers is a delightful addition to their stationery offerings. "Kawaii" is a Japanese term that translates to "cute," and these stickers capture the essence of cuteness and charm, featuring adorable characters, animals, and playful designs that can bring a smile to your face.

These stickers come in various themes and styles. You'll find stickers featuring iconic characters like Hello Kitty, as well as a variety of other charming characters from your favorite anime or TV shows. These stickers are not just for kids; adults and stationery lovers also appreciate the charm of kawaii stickers. They can be used to decorate planners, journals, scrapbooks, greeting cards, and more. 




Loft Buta mechanical pencil


Regular mechanical pencils are cool, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to write using a pig’s bitt? Well, somebody did because LOFT stocks this cute mechanical pencil where the lead comes out of the butt, and the nose of the pig is the eraser. Sure, it may feel a little uncomfortable to use, but it’s definitely an exciting stationery to own.

LOFT's 2024 stationery collection caters to stationery lovers and people who basically just like cute stuff. Whether you're a professional or an artist looking for just someone who wants some cool products, LOFT has a diverse range of options to suit your needs.

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This article was originally written by our freelance writer Umm-Kulthum Abdulkareem, and edited by us.