Top Stationery Picks from Muji 2024

Top Stationery Picks from Muji 2024

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Muji is a Japanese brand founded in 1980. It is best known for selling brandless, high-quality, and low-cost items. You don’t get the usual brand logos or over-the-top designs when you buy MUJI products. In the world of stationery enthusiasts, few brands hold as much reverence as MUJI because of their minimalism and functionality. MUJI continues to impress with a range of stationery products that cater to various needs; that is why you need to know about the 2023 top picks from MUJI. 

Whether you're a dedicated or a newbie bullet journalist, an artist, a meticulous planner, or simply someone who appreciates the art of writing, MUJI has something to offer. In this article, we'll explore the 10 best MUJI stationery for 2024 that is bound to improve your office, academic, or art game.




Muji Gel Ink Pens


MUJI's Gel Ink Pens have long been an office favorite because it is affordable at just $0.8 - $1.90 per pen, and they come in different colors - around 15 colors. You can stock up on these pens without breaking the bank, making them an excellent choice for students and professionals alike. These pens are different from regular pens because gel ink consists of pigments suspended in a water-based gel, which makes it thicker and bolder.

Muji has two designs for their Gel Ink Pens: the cap and knock type. It also comes in the 0.38 and 0.5 tip sizes. With a minimalist design, it fits comfortably in your hand and provides a smooth and consistent writing experience. The several colors also make them fun for students to use and professionals to color code with.




Muji Staple-Free stapler


Even though they are small, staple pins can cause a lot of pollution because not many of them are recycled. It can also cause injuries when you try to pull them out. That is why you should replace your regular stapler with the MUJI staple-free stapler, which is very easy to use. When you press down on the top part of the stapler, it creates a small incision through the paper and then neatly folds and tucks the incised paper layers, securely binding them together. 

The only downside of this stapler is that it only binds 5 sheets of paper at a time. But it gives the paper a flat finish, unlike staple pins. It is also eco-friendly and safe for children. 


MUJI Notebooks


Muji Notebooks


A MUJI Notebook is a stationery essential that every writer, artist, or student should have in their arsenal. These notebooks are made with high-quality paper that can handle a variety of writing instruments, from fountain pens to markers. The simplicity of their design allows for bullet journaling, sketching, or just jotting down thoughts and ideas.

MUJI Notebooks are available in different sizes and styles. The classic A5 size is a popular choice for general note-taking, while the B6 Slim size is perfect for people on the go. The dotted, ruled, or grid pages make it easier to create organized layouts for your projects. The covers are also minimalistic, so you can decorate them with your favorite stickers.




Muji Retractable Highlighter


Highlighters are popular stationery for students and office workers, but it can get pretty annoying when you lose the cap, and it accidentally marks your bag or pocket. What makes Muji retractable highlighter special is well - the retractable feature. With a simple click mechanism, you can extend and retract the tip, making it super convenient and portable. It comes in orange, pink, yellow, blue, and green bold colors that do not bleed through to the next page.




Muji Twin Markers


If you're a visual thinker or someone who loves adding a pop of color to your notes, or you have a problem deciding which color of marker to buy, this MUJI twin marker is the product for you. These markers are known for their vibrant colors and excellent performance on paper, and with two marker colors for the price of one, it is a steal.

It comes in a wide range of colors and pairings to help you express your creativity and organize your work effectively. They are excellent for color-coding, highlighting, or adding flair to your bullet journal. 




Muji Double-ended Highlighter


Sometimes, the simplest innovation can be a great addition to one’s stationery collection. In this case, it’s the MUJI double-ended highlighter, with one end serving as a highlighter and the other as a fine-tip highlighter, which also doubles as a marker. There is a small window on the tip of the highlighter to let you see where you’re marking, and the other end has a thin tip that you can use to underline phrases instead of highlighting them. 

As with other MUJI products, this highlighter's ink is designed to minimize smudging and bleeding through the paper, making your work neat.




Muji Erasable Gel Ink Pen


Writing with pens is all fun and games until you make a mistake that you can’t erase. Thanks to the MUJI erasable gel ink pen, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Using the eraser, which is also the cover of the pen, you can cleanly remove any errors or unwanted markings without damaging the paper. This feature is particularly useful for students, professionals, and creative individuals who want to have neat, error-free work. Just like the MUJI gel ink pens, this erasable variation comes in different fun colors for you to try out. 




Muji Fountain Pen


One thing MUJI is known for is how affordable all of its products are. On the other hand, one thing fountain pens are known for is being crazy expensive because they are favored for their smooth writing experience and classic aesthetics. Muji fountain pen costs anywhere from $7 - $23, which is affordable for a fountain pen

It may look small, but it has a comfortable grip that ensures fatigue-free writing, making it an excellent choice for those long writing sessions. The nib also provides an ultra-smooth writing experience, and it is a true pleasure to write with.




Muji 2024 Monthly Planner


As the end of the year approaches, you shouldn’t wait too long before getting a planner for the new year. If you are looking for a reliable tool to keep their schedules in check, you need a planner ASAP. Muji planners cost from around $5 - $13 depending on the type of cover and size of the planner.

MUJI planners have a plain cover page that comes in white, black, or red. It has a monthly calendar for new months - beginning December 2023 - followed by weekly ruled pages. The planner offers a spacious canvas for people to jot down their appointments, goals, and daily tasks. There are extra grid pages for notes. It is the perfect companion to help plan your 2024. 




Muji Low Center of Gravity Mechanical Pencil


For those who appreciate the precision of mechanical pencils, MUJI offers a range of high-quality options. Their Mechanical Pencils are known for their durability and consistent performance. Specifically, their low center of gravity mechanical pencil has a weighted design to keep your hands stable while using it. It also has a comfortable knurled grip that prevents it from slipping, so if you have sweaty palms, don’t worry; you’re covered. 

Obviously, there is a built-in eraser to help you make corrections as well. Whether you're a student taking notes or an artist sketching, MUJI Mechanical Pencils will serve you well.

In 2024, MUJI continues to impress stationery lovers and professionals with a range of top-quality products that combine minimalist design with functionality. From Gel Ink Pens for smooth writing to Notebooks that accommodate a variety of creative uses, MUJI's stationery collection has something for everyone. 

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This article was originally written by our freelance writer Umm-Kulthum Abdulkareem, and edited by us.