Local Flavors Pack - Released in November 2017

Local Flavors Pack - Released in November 2017

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From northern to southern, lots of cities in Japan have their special local ramen. Ramen lovers like you would be eager to try all of them, and it's possible while staying at your cozy home. Which flavor did you like the most?

    1. Tiny Shrimp Tempura Soba - Low Sodium
      This healthy soba is low in sodium, and moreover, it contains GABA, which helps lower the blood pressure, reduce the stress, and make you relaxed. Of course, it’s tasty too! Katsuo (bonito) dashi and shrimp add a delectable flavor to it.
    2. Yokohama Sanma Men
      Moyashi (bean sprouts) are cheap and dull, but the crunchiness is essential to complete Sanma Men, a local ramen in Yokohama City. The thick shoyu flavored soup, the thick noodles, and stir-fried vegetables including moyashi form a great harmony.
    3. BBQ Yakisoba
      Yakisoba is a popular BBQ dish in Japan. When the savory noodles mingle together with the tantalizing flavor of BBQ, the result is an umami paradise. The flavor of the beef is zested up with sesame, garlic, lemon and black pepper.
    4. Akita Kiritanpo Ramen
      This cup of ramen is arranged like Kiritanpo Nabe (hot pot), a famous regional cuisine of Akita prefecture in Tohoku area. The shoyu soup has an exquisite flavor of burdock and umami of vegetables. Kiritanpo, the unique grilled rice sticks, are featured in the rice crackers and the meatballs.

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  1. Nagasaki Chinatown Champon
    Champon features thick, smooth, chewy noodles and creamy pork based soup. The satisfying dish with a pile of vegetables was born in Nagasaki, being influenced by Chinese cuisine. You can add cabbage, shrimp, onion, squill and so on to make it much more like the authentic chanpon of Nagasaki Chinatown.
  2. Kanto Kitsune Udon
    Did you know that udon soup tastes differently in western Kansai area and eastern Kanto area? While in Kansai, where Osaka is located, the soup has a subtle and light taste, in Kanto, where Tokyo is located, the soup looks darker and has a stronger taste. People from each area often argue which is better. Which would you prefer?!
  3. Tonjiru Udon
    The chilly season has come to Japan, which means we want a warm bowl of tonjiru! Tonjiru literally means pork soup and contains pork slices and vegetables in hot miso soup. When the dish is combined with udon, the result is fantastically delicious winter meal.
  4. Rich Miso Ramen
    Chewy noodles in miso soup. The rich flavor of miso matches well with the ginger, which adds the soup a pleasant, refreshing taste. Good news is that it’s relatively low in calories! Contains little pieces of green onion, corn, and red pepper.
  5. Sapporo Shrimp Miso Ramen
    Hokkaido has lots of regional ramen varieties in its vast land, including shrimp miso ramen. The flavor of shrimp is strong but matches well with the taste of miso. If you’re a shrimp person, it might be so tasty that you can finish the whole soup.