Shio Sampler Pack - Released in June 2018

Shio Sampler Pack - Released in June 2018

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What is your favorite type of ramen?

When people are asked this question, the answer would be basically one of the four; shoyu, miso, tonkotsu, or shio. June was the best month for those who love shio ramen (and all the ramen lovers like you). Because June’s ZenPop Ramen was Shio Sampler Pack. Shio is simply a  salt base so the taste is not as rich as other three kinds of soups, but the lighter soup lets the other flavors sing.


First, we had Yakisoba Meijin Shio.

There are mainly two types of yakisoba; shio and sauce, and in this pack was the former one. The pork-and-chicken-based savory flavor is spiced up with black pepper and garlic. Who could resist the tempting smell?! Tasty and addictive yakisoba noodles that you could eat every day (...or week or month).


Now it’s the main part. Here are the five shio ramen included in this pack (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


Lemon Chicken Shio Ramen

You all know how salt goes well with lemon, but have you ever tried it with ramen? The sour flavor of lemon brings out the savory umami. Contains tasty chicken meatballs too.


Chicken Dashi Shio

The chicken-based salty soup is flavored with onion and kelp. The noodles are non-fried, so this will please you when you are feeling hungry late at night or whenever you want tasty ramen.


Shio Ramen Donburi


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When the theme of the pack is all about salty noodle dishes, we can never leave out Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen. The soup has an authentic umami tastes of chicken, pork, and vegetable. The aromatic flavor of sesame makes it complete and exceptional.


Wonton Noodles Chicken Dashi Shio

The non-fried noodles are smooth and chewy like authentic ramen. Contains tasty wonton dumplings too. This is another ramen for you to eat late at night (or whenever you want!)


Charumera Shio


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Charumera is a musical instrument that was used to be used by street ramen vendors. The savory soup is given an extra umami of...can you tell what it is? It’s scallop. Though ojisan is “an old man”, the “ojisan naruto” look really cute.


The box also included Pokemon Noodles. While the seafood taste is nice for sure, the best thing about this ramen is that it contains Pikachu naruto, which are too cute to eat.


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Though the box is called “Ramen Pack”, you receive other kinds of noodles too including udon and soba.

This month’s udon was Tonjiru Udon. Tonjiru is a type of miso soup that contains pork and doesn’t usually include noodles, but the soup actually goes well with udon. Enjoy the ingenious combination!


Last but not least, Nagomian Tempura Soba was a delicious bowl of soba noodles coming with tempura. A crispy tempura is nice, but it’s even better when it becomes soft containing the delicious soup. As the name (nagomian 和庵) indicates, it’s soothing traditional soba of Japan.



Did you enjoy sampling of different takes on shio noodles? What “sampler pack” do you want to see next?! Share your comments and pictures on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. We love seeing how you enjoyed the pack!