Tonkotsu Sampler Pack - Released in October 2017

Tonkotsu Sampler Pack - Released in October 2017

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This Ramen Pack contained 4 different kinds of creamy tonkotsu ramen! Which one did you like the best?

    1. Hot Noodles Shio
      Curly noodles in savory chicken soup. The noodles are flavored with chicken, onion, and garlic. The simple, light noodles can be a good snack when your stomach feels empty at midnight.
    2. Takana Tonkotsu
      The combination of the umami taste of tonkotsu and the spicy takana is perfect! Takana, a popular kind of tsukemono (漬物, Japanese pickles), adds a refreshing crunchiness to the ramen. After having this, you will know why most ramen restaurants serve tsukemono together with ramen.
    3. Bari-kata Rich Tonkotsu
      Bari-kata. This is how Hakata people call their favorite al dente ramen noodles. The thin noodles make it possible for you to cook in a minute and start eating instantly. If you want them softer, just wait a bit longer, but first, try the chewy bari-kata noodles!
    4. Men Shokunin’s Tonkotsu
      With whole wheat flour added to the dough, the noodles have a pleasant flavor and chewiness. Shokunin means craftsman, and it describes Nissin’s craftsmanship in making better men (麺, noodles). Enjoy the harmony of garlic tonkotsu soup and the elaborate noodles.

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  1. Seabura Tonkotsu
    If you are in the mood for a heavy meal, choose this ramen. Tonkotsu ramen is basically heavy, but this one is made even heavier with extra seabura (背脂, pork back fat). Includes sesame, minced meat, wood ear mushroom, green onion, and pickled red ginger.
  2. Charumela Miso
    When you hear the sound of charamela, it’s time for ramen! Charamela is a sort of flute and was used to be used by street ramen vendors to let people know that ramen is ready. This Miso ramen reminds us of the good old days with its name and its classic taste. Umami of the scallop is added to give it a subtle flavor.
  3. Ago Dashi Ramen
    Dashi made from grilled ago (あご, frying fish) is used to add a delicate flavor to the shoyu soup. Ago originally means jaw but also means a flying fish because it’s jaw-droppingly delicious.
  4. Rich Curry Ramen
    No curry, no life! No ramen, no life! Agree? Then let’s combine curry and ramen. Thick curly noodles in the spicy, aromatic curry soup. It’s so delicious that you can’t stop eating.
  5. Maruchan Tan Tan Men
    Smooth noodles in the delectable shoyu based soup, spiced up with Sichuan pepper. The intermingling sour and spicy flavors increase your appetite, which makes you eat it up before you know it.