Correspondence Pack - Released in October 2017

Correspondence Pack - Released in October 2017

1. Washi tape (Subscription Only)

Washi tape (mt) from KAMOI, the leading company of washi tape maker in Japan. "mt" is semi-transparent so it can be especially pretty when it's layered, it’s also easy to write on so it’s handy for making notes or messages.

2. Brush pen

Black ink brush pen from ZEBRA!! You can write calligraphy type of letters without any calligraphy skills by using this brush pen. It is better if you hold the pen upright when you use a brush pen because that might be easier.

3. Press-man Sharp pen

Long-seller mechanical pencil! The lead will withdraw inward when you write with too much power. Therefore, the lead won’t break easily and you can keep writing for long time. This is the mechanical pencil loved by professionals of writing such as journalists and stenographers.

4. Preppy Fountain Pen

Best selling fountain pen made in Japan. You can write very easily without any unnecessary strain, and handwriting should be more clear than always with this pen.

5. Post Cards

Cute and colorful post cards with unicorns, cats, and bunnies! There were 4 patterns of post card, which is food cats, unicorn, ice cream rabbits, and circus cats. 

6. Die Cut Cards

Cute mini cards designed by popular illustrator YOKO. Die cut cards are popular in Japan. We attach it to present, use it as small memo, and more. You receive one of 4 cat patterns.

7. Envelope

The envelope called ポチ袋 (Pochi-bukuro) in Japanese. Can use this Pochi-bukuro to collect stickers or other small things and also to enclose a small message to attach to a present.

8. Sticker Box

Pretty new item for Stationery pack! Cute Japanese traditional themed stickers with small box. There were 4 kinds, which were 招き猫 (Manekineko),赤べこ (Akabeko), こけし (Kokeshi), and 犬張り子 (Inehariko). 

9. Doraemon Letter Set

Doraemon’s mini letter set! He is a robot comes from 22nd century with special pocket which he can take out his gadgets. 


Different kind of washi tape which had already cut in small piece so that it is easy to carry and you don’t have to cut each time. Each variation contains 4 different patterns of pre cut tape, all contained in a beautiful compact fold out pack.

11. Clip ruler

Thin ruler with clip:) Little bit short (10cm) ruler compared to normal one (usually 15 cm) so that you can carry with book or notebooks. Especially, it might be great if you carry with your bullet journals to make a straight lines on it. 

12. Half size notebook

Half size notebook with grid in it. Easy to carry, easy to write straight, and easy to finish one because it is “Half size”.

13. Fuji eraser

Mt. Fuji shaped eraser with many variations of colors. Of course you can use it as an eraser, but you can enjoy it as furniture on your desk;)



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