Be Creative Pack - Released in September 2017

Be Creative Pack - Released in September 2017

  1. Paper Pocket
    A pocket to store your mini notes in your notebook! You can stick this paper pocket to your notebook and put memos in it. It has a lid, so you don’t have to worry about missing your memos.

  2. Washi Tape (4mm)
    4mm thin washi tape which is useful when you decorate your notes and bullet journals. You can use this alone but you can also combine with other washi tape you have.

  3. Washi Folding Paper
    Folding paper with unique texture of Washi (Japanese traditional paper). You can use this paper not only for folding but also for decorating your stuffs.

  4. ZIG Watercolor Brush Pens
    Set of 6 colors of brush pens. You can use it for fine writing and also it is useful when you paint all over a area in one color.

  5. ZEBRA Color Makers
    The most popular permanent marker pen in Japan called "Mckee". This pen is sold since 1970s and it loved by many people in Japan. 2 makers were included in the pack.
  6. Metallic Gel Pen
    Another famous gel pen from Japan! This Signo gel pen use ink which is hard to cause the bleeding of handwriting and it is resistant to water. And of course it is very smooth to write.

  7. Wooden Sharp Pencil
    A sharp pencil looks like a pencil. Because it is made of wood, it is lighter than normal mechanical pencil and your hands might not be tired even if you continue writing for a long time.

  8. Petit Deco Rush
    Deco rush is kind of fusions of washi tape and tape glue. If you make a line with it, it would be like a washi tape, and if you make it short, it would be like a sticker.

  9. Erasable FRIXION stamp
    The stamp which used the ink of FRIXION. That means you can erase the stamp with the rubber on the back of the stamp.

  10. MONO Slim Eraser
    Very slim MONO eraser which you can easily erase a letter or a word you want to erase.

  11. Sketch Book
    Simple and popular sketch book. Not too big, easy to carry, easy to draw on it.

  12. Waterproof Notebook (subscribers bonus)
    Notebook with waterproof pages!! You can use this notebook even in rainy days, at kitchen, and so on.


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