Halloween Party Pack - Released in September

Halloween Party Pack - Released in September

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  1. Toyama Black Ramen
    This ramen is perfect for Halloween! Black Ramen from Toyama Prefecture features strong shoyu soup, which is almost black. It was originally made for laborers to take in much salt after working and sweating a lot. People love to eat rice along with it because it’s extremely salty.
  2. Non-fried Tonkotsu Ramen
    Thin noodles in thick tonkotsu (pork bone) soup. It can be the best meal when you are starving because you can start eating after waiting just for a minute.In Hakata City, where tonkotsu ramen is famous, people love barikata (very hard) noodles just like this bowl of ramen.

Sweets / Snacks

  1. Halloween Country Ma’am Cookies
    Soft inside, crispy outside. The cookies contain plenty of chocolate chunks, which give them a pleasant texture. And they come in the pretty packagings! Do you wanna wear a costume of cute witch like Peko-chan (the girl on the packaging) for Halloween this year?
  2. Halloween Home Pie
    Here is another cute Peko-chan, disguised like a little devil. (Another suggestion for Halloween costume!) Home Pies are classic, delicious, crunchy pies and have a rich flavor of butter. Sandwich ice cream, dip them into chocolate or make a little surprise box with them. There are lots of ways to enjoy the pie in a party!
  3. Halloween Pucho Candy
    Pucho-kun is trying to trick you. Four different flavors are included, but they are not indicated on each packet. Can you guess what the flavor is? Includes a fake tattoo to apply to your face so that you can add a little more to your Halloween makeup.
  4. Cheese and Honey Popcorn
    Do cheese and honey go well together? Try this snack! You may be addicted to the combination of savory and sweet.
  5. Mitsuya Apple Gummy
    Apple gummy from Mitsuya, a beverage brand famous for soda. The gummies give you a fizzy sensation like soda and fill your mouth with a refreshing flavor of apple.
  6. Chocolate Pie
    A tender crisp pie with bitter chocolate in it. Not too sweet, satisfying enough for the peckish belly. Make your breakfast a bit richer, or give your brain and heart a little bit of energy to work/study even harder with this delicious treat.
  7. Zom-B Tongue Gum
    Did you wear a Halloween makeup on your tongue, too? Treat yourself with this grape flavored gum, and trick your friends with your blue tongue. Yes, this gum turns your tongue into blue and make it look like a zombie’s one. (though we’ve never seen a tongue of zombie.)
  8. Puchi - Tomato Pretzels
    A snack from Bourbon’s Puchi Series. The hard, crispy pretzels are flavored with tomato. Bring this snack from Japan to a Halloween party, and share the fun and tastiness with your friends!